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Is Telekinesis Real?

"Who here is psychic? Raise my hand!"

All joking aside, who isn't fascinated by the idea of psychic abilities, such as remote viewing, knowing the future, or telekinesis?

Telekinesis is the movement of matter without physical contact or the application of known physical effects. Now magicians will try to trick their audience into believing they have psychic powers by pretending to move things with their mind. Fake telekinesis is often accomplished by discretely blowing on the object.

But we're not talking about "fake" telekinesis here!

We're talking about actually moving objects with energy!

One of our Quantum-Touch Instructors, Dr. Judit Povall, started exploring telekinesis during the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine in 2020, because, as she states, she was "bored as heck!"

As you will see in the video below, she was able to use her techniques of working with energy to rotate a piece of tin foil.

For her setup, she used a cork, a piece of tin foil folded into two, a needle, and a glass vase. She put the needle with the sharp end up in the cork. Then she folded the foil and put it on top of the needle, being careful not to pierce the foil. She then put the glass vase on top to make sure the setup was airtight.


Now you may be wondering...

Isn't this just cheap entertainment?

Why are we exploring psychic abilities, when many of us discovered Quantum-Touch to learn how to heal ourselves and help others?

Beyond energy healing, Quantum-Touch also opens the door to the world of infinite possibilities, where different rules apply. Energy healing is based on the premise that consciousness affects matter. Telekinesis is a way to explore how energy affects matter.

According to Judit, everyone is capable of telekinesis. Anyone can experience the "impossible." We can look at this Reality from a new, more fulfilling perspective, once we get that "energy" has real world effects. An amazing creative power resides within us!

Yes, our energy is that powerful!

Still Skeptical?

Now, if you're feeling skeptical, you're not alone! Dr. Judit Povall describes herself as the "biggest skeptic to ever attend an Energy Healing course." With a solid grounding in science and a Chemistry PhD, she is the antithesis of a person who sits on the clouds and has conversations with fairies.

Judit writes...

My mind is scientific, eager to see proper evidence and refuses to believe in anything just because someone, however wise or well-known, says so. But I love experimenting and I am always open to new adventures. I have wanted to help people regain their well-being and health since I was a child. I just needed to find the right method for me. It wasn’t easy. I wanted no beliefs. I wanted no hocus-pocus. I wanted no hard-earned secrets. I wanted no rules. So, when I went to a Quantum-Touch workshop in 2007, there were two possibilities:

  1. I finally found what I was looking for: the simple, straightforward way to find my Inner Healer
  2. OR I had gone completely mad.

To be fair, both options seemed quite entertaining. From that day onward, I used Quantum-Touch techniques on anyone who loved me enough to let me. The results were overwhelmingly positive, surprising - and yes, sometimes, well... “impossible."

Now Judit has been running Quantum-Touch courses for over ten years!

Dr. Judit Poval

Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor Quantum-Touch Ambassador

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