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Scoliosis, A Grieving Cat, and a Better Night's Sleep

By Nor-Eddine Mekdad Belhandouz

After attending meetings in Andorra, I found myself spending some time with a lady to whom I spoke about Quantum-Touch care and I mentioned scoliosis...

Consciously, I don't know what prompted me to say that word because at that point I could have been talking about issues that I am more used to dealing with. Thank you, Universe!

Instantly, the lady asked me if I could give a session to her daughter, Lyna, who was suffering from severe scoliosis. Lyna was in constant pain. She had difficulties holding a position for a long time (sitting, standing) and from time to time she would lie on the floor, even in the classrooms at school, to try to relieve some of the pain. Then, she had to ask for help because she couldn't get up on her own. She couldn't play sports at all, and she envied her friends who lived a "normal" life. She was often absent from school because of the pain.

Shortly after starting the session, she felt an easing of her suffering, and then she got better and better. After about 30 minutes of a Quantum-Touch session, she could come and go, jump, laugh... She was kissing me on the cheeks, on the forehead, on the hands, so great was her joy and so great her gratitude, after years of suffering.

Here is Lyna's Testimonial:

I loved it, it was very relaxing and helped me a lot with my health. I have scoliosis and I almost never did any sport, so I was very stiff and I moved very little, when he [Nor-Eddine] arrived, he was very warm and put me at ease. After a few discussions we started the session and it was wonderful! By the end, I found myself able to do things I didn't think I could do! I thank him for everything and wish him happiness wherever he goes. If you are not sure I highly recommend you make an appointment, it is worth it.

House Cat Joins in Session

The house cat came and lay under the girl's chair during the session, then left after a while. I'm sure she also benefited from the amplification. After the session for Lyna, I saw that the cat was asking for more energy, and I sent her some from a distance. After a while she yawned, stretched and showed us the curves of her body by moving in such a way that mother and daughter exclaimed that they had not seen her doing this before. Since an accident, she had been stiff, until this session.

Sometime before, the cat had fallen from a fourth floor. More recently, her sister had died, and she was obviously grieving. She no longer slept in her bed, but on top of Lyna in her bed all night.

She is now in good shape, sleeping in her diaper and has become flexible again, whereas after the fall she was stiff and in pain.

Helping Lyna's Mother

Lyna's mother, who had attended her daughter's and the cat's session, also asked me for help because she was experiencing severe pain in her back, was not physically balanced and was sleeping poorly. After a few minutes working on her, her pain disappeared, she was able to lean equally on both legs again and has now returned to sleep! Her daughter's relief was also a relief for her.

Magical Quantum-Touch? Yes, obviously and at the same time, so natural that sometimes I must pinch myself to realize that I am not dreaming!




Nor-Eddine Mekdad Belhandouz

Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Toulouse, France

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