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Val Jolley

Quantum Touch Certified Practitioner


7646 SW Aloma Way Suite 3 Portland
Oregon, 97223
United States

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[email protected]



Val Jolley -Quantum-Touch Practitioner         

Val Jolley, is a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner  in the Portland area. Val , originally from So. California recently moved to  Portland in 2009.

Val is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and EFT Practitioner.    

Quantum-Touch is an energy healing modality that applies the principles of resonance and entrainment to significantly reduce pain, and facilitate the body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Practitioners learn to focus and amplify “life-force energy” (known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit) by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. When the practitioner resonates at a high frequency, the client often entrains to, or matches the higher frequency, thereby facilitating healing using the body’s biological intelligence.            

For over 30 years, Val was involved with emergency medical treatment and ocean rescue work with the Los Angeles County Fire Department, Lifeguard Division. Val has been interested in holistic healing and alternative treatments for many years including other hands-on healing techniques like Reiki. He is a Reiki II practitioner. Upon his introduction to Quantum-Touch, Val knew this was something special. The more he studied and practiced this technique, the more excited he became with its incredible possibilities.            

Val is constantly in awe of Quantum-Touch, and is excited to provide this powerful energy healing technique to the area.   

Val also is a volunteer practitioner for the Veteran's Stress Project, helping veterans suffering with PTSD, at no cost to the vet.      www.stressproject.org        

For more information please visit my website at www.valjolley.com. To schedule a session with Val, please call 503-957-6227

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