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Jonathan Laws


Forever Diligent

United States

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The human body has the innate intelligence to heal itself when it is energetically aligned and balanced. The pace of the world today, coupled with the responsibilities and stress of everday life, can make it difficult to maintain this balance. Building a strong foundation can help to keep oneself balanced. My foundation is built upon meditation and positive thought. Everyone is unique. What is important is that you find what works best for you and it can be incorporated into your daily routine. Quantum Touch is a very powerful modality for healing the human body (and much more). I was introduced to this modality through the reccomendation of a lymphatic therapist that my wife found as a way to help manage her carpal tunnel.  Not only did my wife and I go on to become Quantum Touch practitioners, we are also certified in Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy and I have recently become trained in Qest4 bioenergetic testing. I found each of these in a pursuit for knowledge regarding quantum healing modalities. I believe they all have their place. My wife and I are forming a practice that can help people of all ages. Our passion and mission is built around helping children to become independent and successful individuals as well as helping adults to achieve optimal health through self care. I encourage you to reach out to us if you feel we can assist in your quest to heal and find balance in life.     
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