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You Deserve a Happy, Healthy, Abundant Life!

Discover how Quantum-Touch can help.

A woman starts to see chronic issues lessen while receiving distant Quantum-Touch daily and begins to fall in love with herself all over again.

A Quantum-Touch Practitioner-in-training doubts whether she could successfully lead a group session. This is a story about her journey...

You may have heard about Quantum-Touch energy healing and wondered: What exactly is it and can it help me?

The power of using Quantum-Touch in-person and as a group, remotely.

Our ability to relax is one of the greatest powers we have. It is in these exact moments that we open ourselves up to the universal flow of life force energy and rather than do, we allow the power to flow through us, heightening the experience and effectiveness.

If you've struggled to find relief from physical or emotional issues and nothing has helped, energy healing may be the solution you've been searching for.

Every child has a story, and Every adult has an inner child…

There are infinite minutes in the universe. When you allow yourself to flow, time seems to magically open, and you feel more at ease.

"You are worthy, you are loved, you deserve everything your heart desires." The power of not just thinking affirmations but feeling them as well and using any resistence the words provide to go deeper and raise your vibration.

How often do we encounter miracles?  A father uses Quantum-Touch to help his son deal with anxiety and panick attacks.

Quantum-Touch offers Powerful Manifestation Techniques to Help Make Your Dreams Come True

Sara contacted me last week on Wednesday with a message entitled: “Sudden hearing loss – urgent.” She was understandably panicked and emailed me on her way back from urgent care at the hospital, asking for help as soon as possible...

Quantum-Touch Aids in Self-Healing to Improve Health and Well-Being

Using the Methods of Horse Whisperers to Care for Yourself and Others

When the partner of Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Manami Takahashi, loses his job, she helps him manifest new opportunities using Quantum-Touch.

Addressing trauma left from miscarriage or traumatic birth. Learning to heal. By Thea Willette

Karina Grant: A Pioneer in Mindfulness and Holistic Healthcare

A Quantum-Touch Practitioner's Journey. How he found Quantum-Touch and how it helped him connect to the priceless feeling of fufillment.

Quantum-Touch brings a whole new world of opportunities into being. Each new workshop and every client bring learning experiences and open our eyes to the possible. The only limits to possibilities are those we place upon ourselves. 

The nature of food and experiencing it as a vibrational consciousness...

Amazing Story about Using Distant Healing on a Wild Lion

The Pendants and Charged Products are wonderful tools to empower you to transform your life.

Bunnies deliver the message of a mother bonding with her babies and sending healing energy to the past for the birth of Thea's son.

Skills that could forever alter our understanding of physics, medicine, psychology, and cosmology...

Using Quantum-Touch on a massage therapist's hands...

Quantum-Touch Instructor, Mayumi Pachkoski, and her daughter individually send Quantum-Touch to their barn cat, suffering from a cold, with excellent results.

Engaging a class to work on a client. Three days later, the client is still feeling energized and pain free.

Quantum-Touch on a 12-year girl with scoliosis, who was jumping and running around so much happier by the end of the session; an adorable kitty, who crashed the party; and of course Mom. 

Toning is a gift that keeps on giving and it is something that we can ALL do.

Helping a Cowgirl Barrel Racers with her horses at a Rodeo

Quantum-Touch for skin condition, brain function and the inclusion of caregivers

Redefining abundance. To be present, and know, you already have it.

Breaking not-so-pleasant pattern of habits repeated across the generations.

Did you know that just 2 minutes of breathing with a longer exhale regulates fight or flight stress?

Watch a Video on how a respiratory nurse uses Quantum-Touch!

Quantum-Touch empowers people to discover their own innate ability to heal. 

And just like that we bought our dream property and shocked our realtor!

You mention that QT can be used to heal phobias and addiction. Can you elaborate?

Telekinesis is the movement of matter without physical contact or the application of known physical effects. Watch Telekinesis on Video!

From Being Depressed and in Chronic Pain to Feeling Life is Fabulous Again!

Can Consciousness Affect Matter? An Exploration of Spoon Bending

After an operation on my hip my body showed me the impact of Quantum-Touch in speeding up healing.

A single Quantum-Touch session may clear out one or two layers -- enough layers that the issue my client is having is resolved -- but it may not be enough.

The value of Quantum-Touch as a complementary method to support clients in their quest for optimal wellness!

The versatility of Quantum-Touch is wonderful. We can literally do it anywhere!

The use of Law of Attraction techniques, combined with energy amplification, is a powerful tool to help us deal with deeply buried issues.

Two people’s personal journeys to wellness, after finding Quantum-Touch

The beauty of Quantum-Touch is that these techniques can benefit all areas of your life. It's not just for physical healing, but for bringing more joy into our lives.

How to Take Back Your Self Worth and Manifest What You Really Want!

Energy healing may help improve physical health, provide emotional benefits, and enhance your intution.

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of Quantum-Touch treatment in alleviating both acute and chronic pain.

For people dealing with chronic pain, disease, or just the stresses of daily living in the 21st century, getting back in touch with your own mind and turning the outer world off for a few minutes can be extremely healing.

The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate, through the use of human subjects, whether Quantum-Touch has an impact on chronic musculoskeletal pain and whether this relatively new non-invasive holistic healing modality may be used as an intervention to address chronic pain. This pilot study, experimental in nature, is a collaborative effort with a medical doctor, the second investigator, who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The research involved an 8-week pilot study in which the investigators used 12 volunteer adult patients (men and women ages 18-64) who were randomly selected and randomly assigned to an experimental and control group of 6 volunteers in each group. Both groups were blindfolded and received hands-on touch; however, only the experimental group was given the Quantum-Touch energy. This study seeks to determine the impact of hands-on Quantum-Touch energy healing on both genders and any differentiation in pain.

Quantum-Touch uses life-force energy (known as chi in Chinese and prana in Sanskrit) to facilitate healing. The Quantum-Touch techniques teach us how to focus and amplify life-force energy by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. Life-force energy is an effective tool for healing because of the principles of resonance and entrainment.

Massage therapists can easily integrate Quantum-Touch into their massage practice. Quantum-Touch is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) to provide continuing education hours.

Quantum-touch is an interactive energy based heart centered modality. The Quantum-Touch Live Level I approved for 12.5 hours by the American Holistic Nurses Association’s Education Approver Committee, an accredited approver agc_21: Committee, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation."

The ability to facilitate healing is an innate gift that we already posses.

Quantum-Touch seemlessly combines with Reiki to improve the outcome of your sessions.

Free Online Lecture by Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch

If you like Acupuncture or Acupressure why should you get to know Quantum-Touch?

Free Online Presentation by Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch and translated into German by Bianca Telle, Certified QT Instructor

We had a marvelous week with Richard in the Netherlands! Richard taught the Quatum-Touch Basic Workshop which was attended by more than 70 people, from the Netherlands, Belgium, Great-Brittain, Japan, Germany and Dubai.

Chronic conditions respond more quickly when combining Quantum-Touch with Reflexology.

Richard's lively, interactive workshop was very well received by an audience of over 100 people who were attending the A.R.E. Conference on Medical Intuition Training.

CS Therapists work on the bones of the cranium in certain situations. By enhancing the work with Quantum-Touch, the bones may move quicker if they are ready to release.

Quantum-Touch is featured in the September/October 2008 ABMP's Massage and Bodywork Magazine

Your Love Matters: Animals Respond to Quantum-Touch

We may see our bodies as being solid and made up of blood and tissue and bone but every part of our bodies is actually energy vibrating and flowing in streams and there is more energy permeating and surrounding what we see as our bodies.

Don't put up with a an unfulfilling job! How to manifest a soul centered and financially abundant practice.

How quickly a person heals is due in part to variables we do not control. Simply offer the Quantum-Touch healing and allow their system to do its best.

Quantum-Touch is a significant breakthrough in hands-on healing in that it enables both lay people and healing professionals to direct life-force energy (often called chi, or prana) to correct health problems.  This book teaches health practitioners how.

People have been recharging dead batteries from cars, cell phones, cameras, and other devices. Perhaps our unlimited spiritual nature will express itself in more and more ways which remind us that we don't know our limits...

Prenatal exposure to alcohol and drugs was his earliest beginning, and just maybe his survivor spirit facilitated the premature birth...

While hands-on healing is probably the easiest of skills to learn, it is also one of the most misunderstood of subjects.

As I travel the country teaching workshops in a form of hands-on healing called Quantum-Touch, people are often quite surprised to discover that they universally possess the ability to cause bones to spontaneously move into alignment with only a light touch.

Amplifying the Energy of the Chakras

While Quantum-Touch can stand alone, it can also be used to enhance other energy and bodywork techniques.

The heart and essence of running energy is that of giving love. By this I mean that we can enter a place within ourselves that has no judgment or fear; a place where you simply wish to give, and to care, and to help, and to embrace, so as to allow the miracles of healing to occur.


Beautiful Video of the Quantum-Touch Workshop in Venezuela

The Effect of Quantum-Touch on Sports Injuries by Richard Gordon

 Quantum-Touch® Conference in Japan!
 with Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch
and instructors from QT Headquarters
MARCH 11, 2016  (Friday evening)  
MARCH 12, 2016  (Saturday all day)


Ann Fuller, RN, CRT, Quantum-Touch Practitioner and Tampa Bay AHNA Network Leader, Doris E. Guillory, Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner/Instructor, several nursing students and local nursing staff were all in attendance.

Achieving Greater States of Well-being and Happiness

Over 200 people attended the first Quantum Touch Conference held May 18-20, 2007 in Lake Tahoe, California!

Research on Quantum-Touch and Athletic Performance

Mother and daughter (Bonnie and Gabby) recently took a Quantum-Touch Level 1 class and have had some fun with it.  Here are a couple of stories they shared with me. May you find them as wonderful as I did! Stories by Bonnie and Gabby: I was making Gabby some spaghetti. I grabbed the pot to drain the water out, forgetting that it had metal handles. It was very hot!

Urban Health, September 2005. The body has the innate ability to heal itself, if only we knew how to instruct it...

Quantum-Touch video workshop set for this weekend in Kapahi

The Garden Island, Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Learn Online with the Original Workshop Online Video Library!

The fastest and most economical way to get started with Quantum-Touch is to learn at home with The Original Workshop Online Video Library. The Original Workshop Online is a complete, low cost Quantum-Touch workshop with interactive quizzes and practice sessions.

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