Barbara Ceccarelli


Delray Beach, Florida, United States

Contact Information

Phone: (561)445-2514

Thank you for considering me for your energy healing needs.  Energy healing is amazing and magical.  I'm so blessed to be a conduit of this work. 

I had my awakening years ago when a friend passed and visited me during the night before I actually learned of her transition. That one experience opened the door for me to the wonderful world of energy. Since then, I've studied and practiced multiple modalities on my journey. The fascinating thing is these modalities can all be layered for a more effective healing.  

I got my feet wet with Reiki and continued until achieving the Master level. Being a lover of pets, I continued on with Animal Reiki as well. The approach there is to "Let Animals Lead" by giving them the choice to accept healing through meditation.  From there, I became fascinated with Angels and studied to achieve the Master level in Integrated Energy Therapy. Our cells hold memories. Some memories should not be held on to because they cause disease.  IET works with the Angels to clear our cells of these traumatic memories.  Next for me came Quantum Touch.  This modality is on steroids :-).  I’ve been fortunate enough to have had live-changing results with QT. And finally, my last modality is ThetaHealing were we work directly with The Creator of All That Is on the 7th plane of existence. This modality can remove our limiting beliefs that hold us back from being all that we came here to be and do. 

I love helping people and our beloved pets to feel healthy and happy, and can do so in distant healing if that is preferred.

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio.  If I can help you to feel happy & healthy, please reach out to me.

In Love & Light,

Barbara Ceccarelli