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The Story of Patches


How Low Self Esteem Can Prevent Us From Manifesting What We Truly Want

At Quantum-Touch, we talk ALOT about Life Force Energy and how we can use it to facilitate the healing process. Any discussion about Life Force Energy would be incomplete without addressing self worth and how much low self esteem can really drain our energy! The Story of Patches illustrates how our negative self talk can block us from creating what we truly want in life.



Like Patches, many of us possess our own black spots. While we may not have a dark patch of fur around our eye, many of us possess personal attributes that we harshly judge, vehemently dislike, or don’t want to face. As a result, we tell ourselves self-destructive, antagonistic, and disheartening stories, such as:

  • I have nothing to offer the world (or my clients, or employer).
  • My book (healing modality, artwork, music, webinar, etc.) sucks.
  • I’m a loser because I have no money.
  • I’m too depressed to get out of bed.
  • I’m a lousy speaker.
  • I’ve made too many mistakes.
  • I’m too fat.

Any of this sound familiar?

Instead of focusing on our goals, we spend our precious resources and time trying to fix our own "black spots." Maybe we go to workshop after workshop, visit numerous plastic surgeons, spend hours complaining to our friends, indulge in retail therapy, or eat too much chocolate as a way to compensate for our so-called “flaws.” Thus, we sabotage our success by living in the land of “if only”: If only I were ten pounds lighter, or famous, or had more money, or owned a house, or had more Instagram followers, or was married to a wonderful spouse, or . . . then (and only then) would I be worthy of what I truly want. Our feelings of unworthiness tend to interfere with our ability to achieve what we truly want. Like a chameleon, this energy block takes many forms, such as procrastination, undercharging for our services, hesitancy to market our practice, lack of perseverance, and the list goes on and on. Our black spots urge us to ask for as little as possible, insisting that we’re unworthy or incompetent.

It's time for a reframe!

What our black spots fail to understand -- and this is important -- is that:

There is a huge difference between proving worth and providing value.

Black spots will insist that our goal in life is to show the world how important we are -- to seek outside validation for our worthiness as human beings. However, no amount of external praise will heal thw wondered parts of ourselves resonsible for our low self esteem.

Instead of focusing on a black spot, trying to eliminate it, or giving it our precious time and energy, we simply embrace the pesky little creature. We can accept our black spots, without identifying with them or allowing them to derail our whole journey. We embrace our black spots with just one caveat: At no time does any black spot have the authority to make decisions for us. They can come along for the ride, but under no circumstances are they allowed to drive!

So, let’s make friends with our black spots, thank them for showing up in all their glory, and then joyfully continue doing what we love!

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