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From Being Depressed and in Chronic Pain to Fabulous Again!

by Lisa Rapino

The following story was sent to me by a client, Diane from Wyoming, USA.

In 2014, I retired early from teaching elementary children. I was not able to get down to their level, and if I did, I needed help getting up. My legs would buckle when walking up the hallway with the kids. As a crutch, I always held the line leader’s hand. I remember my hips cramping up on the rare occasions I sat on the floor with the children. I really did not know if I would ever get up again!

We went to Florida with our son and his family in the spring of 2021. The plane ride was miserable. My back ached, my hips hurt and I had pain shooting down my left leg. My ankles swelled up also. While at the resort, I had to limit my walking. Both hips seemed to lock up the longer I walked. Needless, to say, my enjoyment meter barely registered above “I’m up.”

I had tried massage, chiropractic treatments, using a foam roller, stretches, gym equipment, and exercises. They provided some relief. However, as soon as I bent down, stepped off a curb, got into the car or washed dishes, the pain came roaring back. I was depressed and at my wit’s end.

Then, I saw a notice that a Quantum-Touch instructor was providing a free consultation. We chatted about Quantum-Touch and my issues. She asked if I would be willing to work with Lisa, to help her obtain her hours to become a practitioner.

Due to the failure of the aforementioned treatments, I was apprehensive but interested in receiving Quantum-Touch from Lisa. The first session provided hope that I would get back to a normal life. I have gotten much needed relief from each session.

I committed to see this adventure through to the end. It took quite some time for my back to stabilize. I knew it had occurred when I voluntarily mopped the floor – something I had not been able to do for years. I had not realized how much work my husband had taken on, which was everything except cooking, to help me out.

If you would have seen me eight years ago and then again today, you wouldn’t recognize me. I can happily go barefoot, pick items up off the floor, stand up without help, and go for long walks. My granddaughter was totally surprised last year that I could hide the Easter Eggs in the slippers. She exclaimed, “Grandma! How did you do that?”

Before, she constantly asked if I needed help getting up from the chair. Pretty soon, her little brother was asking also. He was two and would extend his hand to me. I am happy to report that I no longer need their assistance. Thanks to Lisa I can be the fun, crazy grandma that I have always wanted to be. Life is fabulous again. Just ask my grandkids!

Lisa Rapino

Quantum-Touch Practitioner

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