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Combining Quantum-Touch with other Energy Based Modalities and the Love of a Class

by Carol Lee

I had scheduled a session for Diane, a 38-year-old relative, during a lunch break in an Angel’s workshop in Springboro, Ohio where I have taught many Quantum-Touch workshops. I informed my class; I would be doing a session at lunch if anyone wanted to assist after they finished their lunch.

As many of you know, I have been working with Angels, the unseen energies around us, and the Energy and Essence of the Vibrational frequencies you have had since birth. Yes, you’re Personal Harmonic at Core and Soul Level! Advanced Energy Medicine workshops, and the prerequisite is Gathering of Angels, Quantum Touch Level 1 and 2.

Before scheduling the session, I was told D had a dental procedure about 6 months ago and had an allergic reaction to the anesthetic. She ended up with an infection which led to multi dental procedures. She had been in pain for many months with hives and nerve-ending pain, had consulted many doctors and specialists with no help, and was now taking an unbelievable number of drugs to ease the pain.

When D came in for the session, several of the participants in the class decided not to go to lunch but rather assist in this Healing. D had never experienced energy healing before but trusted me, and her prayers were answered. As my colleagues and I began to work, I was curious about some of the intuitive information I received while following my intuition, guidance, and Quantum-Touch Level 1 techniques.

D began to cough and started to choke. We were able to gently guide her through her first emotional trauma release with Quantum-TouchT Level 1 (Sandwiching the Pain and the Julian Technique). Her body was unwinding the memories of many experiences as I questioned her with a soft and gentle voice; she told us she had 17 surgeries including open heart to remove a tumor.

In this case, it was indeed best we did not know her life story and medical history but rather trust all we know to be true "Love” and Diane’s inner Healer.

Although now we realized we were dealing with much more than a dental procedure as first presented, we continue to Trust God, the Life Force Energy, our Angels, her Inner Healer, the techniques Quantum-Touch, and the practitioners’ experiences.

One by one, as the rest of the class returned from lunch, they all began quietly stepping in to work on Diane. As a Spiritual Consultant and Teacher of Energy Medicine, I was honored to be a part of this group with my colleagues and to see this session’s profound results.

A few days after the session, Diane wrote:

"Thank you so much; this is my third day with no hives or pain. Carol, you and your class are fantastic! I have been so sick for so long I almost forgot how it feels to wake up and have a pain-free day. I am still afraid the pain will return, but it has been three days, and NO Pain or Hives. Love you and bless you and your family; I am forever grateful to your Quantum-Touch co-workers!!!!" - Diane

I continue to stay in contact with Diane and coach her through each day as her Healing has begun, assisting in regaining her Power to Heal.

In Light,

Carol Lee, Spiritual Consultant
Quantum-Touch Level 1 & 2, Supercharging and Self Created Health Instructor, Mentor and Angel Therapist.



Carol Lee

Spiritual Consultant, Instructor
Florida, United States

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