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Bunnies and a Birth Story: Sending Healing Energy to the Past

We have two pet bunnies, and it came time for them to become mothers. A neighbor agreed to breed them, perfect! And off the kids and I hopped to give these ladies a little honeymoon.

Speaking with this gentleman about bunnies was fascinating, he has raised them his whole life. He was great at explaining how to handle the bunnies and how the mothers care for their young. My kids wanted to hold his baby bunnies, so he showed us the best way to hold these scared little bunnies. He said to pet the mom first, get her scent on our hands, and then go to pick up the baby. The scent will be familiar, and the baby will be calmer. He went on to share that we were not to handle the baby bunnies within the first week of life. He said the mother is very particular and gets jealous if she smells other scents on her baby. If we were to handle the baby first and transfer our scent to the babies, the mother is likely to disconnect with the baby and reject it.

This thought stuck with me.

Fascinating how the mother needs this time with her baby to bond. Especially in the beginning.

How many people had handled my son before I got to meet him?

Sure, I had a natural delivery at the hospital, but the moment I got to the hospital it was treated as an emergency. By the time I got to the hospital, I was crowning with him and using everything I had not to deliver him on the floor.

Within 7 minutes I was on a stretcher, and a midwife (along with a team of people) rushed to me and then announced I could push. It was chaos, and in that 7 minutes my husband almost got left behind as he was trying to check me in with the admin.

I remember the midwife introducing herself, I recognized her name from my work, and I was comfortable with her. Although I had never met her, I scanned many of her patients who all had good things to say about her and I had spoken to her a few times on the phone regarding patient management. I felt safe once she told me her name. Something familiar.

Then I remember her saying I could push. My contraction had faded, and I didn’t know how to push without it. When the contractions were present, I felt a natural urge to push. I just had a contraction the moment they got me on the stretcher, but the team was wheeling me through the hall so even though I wanted to push during that contraction they told me not to.

Once we were in the room, the contraction faded, and I felt I had no sense of my body. My midwife suggested I just bear down like I was pooping. Ok, I thought, I can figure this out. I took a breath, bared down, and my son was born in that single push!

I was lying flat on my back on that stretcher, and full of relief once I realized I just birthed my son!!! My short time so far at the hospital had been a whirlwind, and I could see people still moving around. Next, I remember my husband coming to my side to announce we had a boy. At this point I didn’t know where my son was, likely getting wiped clean by a nurse. I have no idea who all handled him. I don’t even remember the time that he spent away. I don’t think it was long, but my sense of time was warped. I felt like we had already been at the hospital for hours.

A nurse announced the time of birth was 12:07am. Crazy I thought, we just got to the hospital at midnight. Had this all really happened in 7 minutes?

Now my son is on my chest, skin-to-skin. My legs are shaking uncontrollably. I later learned this is a common trauma response, adrenaline moving through my body. And I was crying. And I had no sense of my body.

An OB entered and told me he would deliver my placenta. I knew it had to be done, but I was clueless as to physically how. Before I knew it, a nurse pressed on my tummy to contract my uterus and help with the placenta. That pressure felt more painful than labour, mostly because it wasn’t expected, it felt like a stab to my tummy.

Sure, I had a natural delivery, but it wasn’t treated as natural delivery.

This isn’t what I expected.

This is where healing comes in!

In the Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop we learn to send energy to our past selves. This is very effective in healing past traumas, especially related to motherhood! This is something I have been using on myself, clients and students.

When these memories arise, through conversation, triggers, or happenstance, I imagine myself & my son. I breathe and sweep and surround us with the love we needed in that moment. I see myself in that moment and give her a big hug; I ask her what she needed, and I give it to her. I breathe and sweep with love and gratitude.

I imagine the staff's calm and soft voices. I imagine the staff aware of my emotional needs, I imagine them moving around like gentle waves, synchronized coordination.

I imagine my son being born, everyone happy, filled with love. I imagine my son being placed directly on my chest for skin-to-skin. I imagine snuggling in that moment, kissing his forehead and hair, I imagine looking into my husband’s eyes, I imagine these loving moments. I imagine myself so full of love, so full of gratitude. My first son is here, in my arms. We are so full of love. I breathe. I breathe it all in. I feel it all throughout my body. My body is fully connected, and I am fully aware and present in my body. My body was able to birth this miracle. I breathe and sweep with love and gratitude.

I imagine my midwife, calm and prepared to take care of us. I imagine our nurses, present, calm, and providing the loving support I needed. I imagine my OB calmingly assessing the needs of my son and me. I imagine them all fully aware of the miracle that just took place, a baby born, a mother born.

I imagine the women birthing in the neighboring rooms, also experiencing this love. Feeling supported, empowered, connected to their body, connected to their baby. Feeling this love. I breathe and sweep with love and gratitude.

This is how we heal.

Maybe the birth didn’t go as planned.

But now we have the technique to give ourselves the love we need, and to support those we love! 


Thea Willette

Quantum-Touch Practitioner and L1 Instructor
Ontario, Canada

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