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Questions About the Pendants and Charged Products?

Quantum-Touch Pendants and Charged Products such as the Portals, Energy Field Chargers, Handmade Malas, and Necklaces are wonderful tools to empower you to transform your life. Each piece is individually charged by Richard Gordon, the Quantum-Touch team, practitioners, and instrutors with love and Quantum-Touch energy to amplify and support the positive flow of life-force energy.

We've compiled all of our frequently asked questions about the pendants and charged products in one place!

What is the difference between using the pendant or charged product versus receiving a session from a practitioner?

Our charged products don't replace actual Quantum-Touch sessions with a practitioner. The charged products do differ from Quantum-Touch sessions in that Quantum-Touch sessions are more dynamic. We believe that the value of a live person actively running energy is far more powerful than any object. In a session, the practitioner is able to specifically adjust to the specific intent of the client. It would be very similar to the difference between using the biomat or another frequency device versus actual human interaction, which is more dynamic and more specific.

Will the pendent (or other charged products) behave in the same way as a crystal, where the crystal can only be touched by the owner?

The pendants and charged products are very different than crystals. You don't have to be concerned about other people touching your pendant, mala, necklace, or portal. At this time, there are thousands of people who are already connecting with your pendant energetically. People around the world are infusing their highest vibration of healing energy into the charged products daily!

Can you provide a physical explanation of how the Pendant works?

No. Life-force energy and intent are not physical processes. We believe they are spirtual in nature. In the same way, love is not a math equation or a physical substance. Life-force energy is not linear in nature and we believe that it will never fit within the narrow confines of material science.

How do you use the pendant or charged products in a healing session?

The pendants and charged products work best when you engage them. Place a pendant or portal wherever you want healing. It's best if you can remain aware that the pendant is there. Generally, the longer, the better. Some poeple use the pendant to help them sleep (and some peole have reported that the pendant keeps them awake!) You can wear the charged pendants, malas or necklaces to amplify your life-force energy all day. The Energy Field chargers are great for amplying the positive energy in a room! Feel free to experiment with different ways of using our charged products and see what works best for you!

Why are the pendants and charged products entangled and does it have to do with the name “Quantum-Touch” being printed on the products?

In Richard's book, “The Secret Nature of Matter,” in experiment #38, he discovered that it is possible to link objects with the mind and heart. Anything that happens to one of the objects will happen to all of the objects. He tested this in many ways and in reverse in order to be sure that he was not deceiving himsef. All of our charged products are deeply entangled. The energy that each person sends to the pendants will be held in all the pendants.

What happens if people try to put their pain, suffering, or self-pity into their pendant?

We believe that healing energy and love is much more powerful than pain and suffering.

Does the pendant lose it’s charge over time?

Richard conducted a series of experiments over the course of a year and did not find that objects lose their charge in that amount of time. The more you work with the pendant, the more you will likely entrain to the vibration of the pendant. You may experience that the energy of the pendant seems a little less over time. That said, hand the pendant to someone who is sensitive to energy and see how they respond. With an ever growing community of people putting their love, healing energy, gratitude and gifts into the pendants, we expect them to be ever more energized every single day.

Can the pendant be used for distance healing?

When doing distant healing with a pendant, hold the pendant in your hands, imagine the person receiving the healing between your hands and run energy through your hands.

What is the meaning of the spiral design on the pendants, portals, malas, and necklaces?

The design is intended to be attractive and suggestive of energy but does not effect the power of the pendants, portals, or necklaces . Theey could have been made of broken pieces of plastic from old toys, and they would have worked just as well. All matter holds energy and intention. All matter is made of God Stuff.

Is there any difference between the silver and gold in their conductivity of healing energy?

The real power of the pendant is not based on the material they are made of, but rather the energy and intentions they hold.

Can the pendants be used for pain relief?

We believe that all healing is self-healing. The pendant or charged products are not "healing" anyone but they can help us amplify our life-force energy. We can use them to support our highest state of happiness, health, and well-being.

Can I use the pendant or charged products to help support postural alignment?

We believe that all healing is self-healing. The pendant or charged products are not "healing" anyone but they can be used to support optimal postural alignment. Life-force energy (infused into our charged products) may help correct postural imbalances. If you have learned to measure the alignment of hips and occiput during our Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop, try taking measurements before and after working with the pendants or portals and discover the extraordinary healing power within!

 Are the charged products a gimmick?

We believe that objects can hold life-force energy, based on the results of experimentation, as Richard Gordon describes in his book, "The Secret Nature of Matter." To engage with the life-force energy infused into the pendant or other charged products, simply connect to your love, gratitude, and be open to infinite possibilities!

Is the pendant or charged product just a placebo?

Placebos demonstrate that the body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself rapidly in the face of deception or dishonesty. Quantum-Touch can incite this spectacular healing response, but in our case, the trigger mechanism is the life-force energy (Chi or Prana).

Can the charged products really help me?

Oftentimes, energy healing and charged products can help people make substantial improvements in their well-being, relationships, finances, and life in general. However, sometimes energy healing is simply not enough. Either the symptom we are trying to address does not improve, or it comes back again and again. In these cases, we believe that working more directly with our emotions may be an important part of the healing process. Sometimes we need to address the emotional cause behind our health, relationship, or money issues. In this case, we recommend taking the Self Created Health workshop.

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