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Healing Emotional Layers from Miscarriage and Traumatic Birth

My client came to me as she had experienced a miscarriage and committed to a series of Quantum-Touch sessions. As we began to tune into the energy; memories and emotions of her first son’s birth tensed her body. Two years earlier she had delivered her son by emergency c-section after hours of stalled labour. She confessed that she had no recollection of the first 12 hours of her son’s birth, and felt immense guilt in her gut, and was terrified that would happen again.

I assured her by having her tune into her breath and letting her know that she was now in a safe space to feel all these emotions. I continued to run the energy as she recalled these memories. We also ran energy to her son and her husband. She held onto many beliefs about - “It not being safe to have a baby.” You could see the tension melt from her body in this session. We continued to address and shift these beliefs and associated emotions as they came up during the session.

A few months later she shared some wonderful news that she was expecting again! We continued with sessions throughout her pregnancy, and still remnants of fear of labour came up. She has taken the Energy Boost Mini Class with me and understands the power of her breath. She continues to breathe the energy through her body, releasing all these emotions and observing as they move through her body.

We met last week as she is now thirty weeks along and she reported that she feels she has more energy than her last pregnancy and is feeling excited about birth as she feels more connected with her body!

Where we place our attention is where we place our energy. Previously her energy was going to the memories of her traumatic first birth. Together we got clear on her intentions with this pregnancy and came up with ideas of how she would prefer the delivery to go. We had fun creating the ideal birth situation for her, letting her experience these feelings of peace in her body. She was glowing as she imagined holding her baby and snuggling and introducing this little one to her family. She even envisioned that when family comes to visit, they would bring her delicious food and help themselves to house chores before leaving! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!

I then took that feeling and applied it to my own birth memories, allowing myself to heal lingering emotions of my past. The beauty of Quantum-Touch is that as I raise my vibration using these techniques to help my client, I get the benefit of it too! So really, each client gives me the opportunity to deepen my own healing. Healing across time and emotions has become my specialty and I love how accessible it is with Quantum-Touch.

What would you do if you were not stuck in fear? Let’s shift these emotions from the past so you can create a life you love!

Join us October 2, 2023 for a special event just for women! We learn how to take the aspects of Quantum-Touch and combine them into a simple daily meditation practice to create healing within. Even if you cannot join us live, once you register, I will send you the replay following the event. Let's gather, heal and create!

Use this link to gather with us:


Thea Willette

Quantum-Touch Practitioner and L1 Instructor
Ontario, Canada

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