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Welcoming and Healing the "Inner Wild Horse"

Horse whisperers use ethology to communicate with horses, sometimes to heal them, reassure them, calm them. I've been using these techniques for many years combined with Quantum-Touch, with excellent results on animals, especially horses.

Whisperers can speak in low voices, but are silent most of the time. The methods of approaching horses differ somewhat, but the common thread is to welcome the other being, the horse, for what he or she is, without judging or expecting anything in particular.
Of course, when it comes to caring for or connecting with a horse, the intention is to enter into communication with the animal, but without the imperative of success; accepting that sometimes it may not work.
In Quantum-Touch, we teach students to let go of the expectation of results. When it comes to calming and coaxing a wild horse, the most powerful and effective techniques for the long term are those of the whisperers: connecting to the horse energetically, welcoming it, being benevolent and allowing it the freedom to accept or refuse our presence, our energy.

Some advocate postural modification to send signals to horses, while others "just" send them energy, particularly from the heart and use intention. For my part, I much prefer this option, which, combined with a few desensitization and confidence-building exercises, has enabled me to make difficult horses feel very calm and secure.
This method, applied to ourselves and to other human beings, produces astonishing results, provided we follow it through to the end.

Even people who are trained to be welcoming to horses, people and other beings can get carried away by their impatience. You think it's all done, that you've practically succeeded in welcoming what is, in seeing people, horses and situations with kindness -- but then you want to speed up the process to achieve the end result, which is to free yourself of some form of energy, to heal a problem.

You may calmly lead a wild stallion into a paddock, but then, lo and behold, everything you've put in place, all the energy you've expended, all the time you've spent, seems to have been for nothing when the wild horse rears up, knocks over his "trainer" and runs away.
All you have to do is go back to the beginning, or get discouraged and give up, when you were so close to your goal!
Recently, I watched a video of one of the most famous horse companions, known worldwide for his participation in movies, his free-riding shows and his whispering skills. Since he  had 40 days to train 4 young semi-wild horses and had almost succeeded, he wanted to speed up to finish 2 days ahead of schedule in order to return to France. A mare jostled him violently, threw him to the ground and trampled him a little, because he had frightened her with his clumsiness due to his eagerness. A fine lesson in humility for such a specialist!
When you want to tame your own "inner wild horse" or help someone else do so, the same principle of consistency and patience should be applied, without rushing and without expecting a result.
Easier written than done, especially for oneself!
When we proceed in such way, sending lots of heart energy to this inner being, being detached from the result and being very patient, peace settles in and the fear energy of this inner being is transformed into a feeling of security and well-being. That part of us, that wild horse of distrust and fear, is transformed into a great force which combines with the energy we deem positive, to help us make better use of our potential.
In conclusion, and to take up the essential principles of Quantum-Touch application, here are some essential points to follow for the best result:

  • Welcome the other person, the "inner wild horse" with kindness and without judgment.
  • Hold a positive intention
  • Let go of attachment to the outcome
  • Be Trusting
  • Be fully present
  • Allow and manifest
  • Breathe and sweep
  • Send heart energy

As long and as often as necessary, even if it sometimes seems like a long time. The results in terms of well-being often seem magical. Thank you Quantum-Touch!
Love, Peace & Light

Amie Hope

Robert Marty

Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1 and 2 Instructor,
Level 1 Instructor Trainer
French Liaison for Quantum-Touch Inc.

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