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Quantum-Touch Aids in Self-Healing to Improve Health and Well-Being

The world, saturated with conventional medical treatments, sometimes is unable to comfort many victims of circumstances feeling powerless or hopeless. These individuals constantly seek alternative paths to wellness, well-being, and empowerment. Quantum-Touch, a pioneering company founded by Richard Gordon, stands at the forefront of this movement, emphasizing the profound connection between energy and well-being.

Richard Gordon, the visionary founder of Quantum-Touch, has been working on alternative healing way back since the 1970s. His transformative journey began when he attended the Christos School of Natural Healing in Taos, New Mexico, where he studied therapeutic massage, spiritual healing, and herbal medicine. In 1978 he met Robert Rasmussen who appeared to have an extraordinary ability to do energy healing. After apprenticing with Robert, Richard was asked to take over for Robert upon his retirement, which led to the founding of Quantum-Touch.

Jennifer Taylor, the Chief Operating Officer of Quantum-Touch, joined in 2002 after attending a lecture by Richard.Despite her background in computer science, she was drawn to the world of energy healing after discovering energy emanating from her hands during a massage school experience. Her mission is clear: to empower individuals to recognize and harness the extraordinary healing power within themselves. Taylor emphasizes the importance of energy in shaping our lives, asserting that it goes beyond the physical, influencing emotional and spiritual aspects.

Quantum-Touch approaches healing as a holistic process. The company aims to guide individuals away from feeling powerless or victimized and towards a state where they can instigate positive change in various aspects of their lives. This includes well-being on all levels including physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Quantum-Touch believes that oftentimes unprocessed emotions can underlie physical health issues, especially with long-standing conditions. By recognizing the profound interplay between emotional and physical health, Quantum-Touch advocates for healing on all levels.

The heart of Quantum-Touch lies in its commitment to making energy healing accessible to all. Unlike modalities that rely on gurus or specific beliefs, Quantum-Touch positions itself as a community organization, allowing individuals to learn and practice without dependency on a singular figure. This approach sets it apart, fostering inclusivity and openness in the realm of energy healing.

Richard Gordon and Jennifer Taylor encapsulate the essence of Quantum-Touch's vision, stating, “We help people discover the extraordinary power within.” “Energy healing is empowering because it acknowledges the profound wisdom of our own Inner Healer. All healing is self-healing.” This empowerment resonates throughout the company's offerings, from workshops and courses to a diverse community of individuals seeking alternative paths to healing.

Quantum-Touch's unique approach lies in its simplicity and accessibility. The company offers workshops like Quantum-Touch Level One , designed for beginners to explore the fundamentals of energy healing. The Self-Created Health workshop explores how our emotions can impact our physical health, breaking down barriers to self-healing.

The principles of Quantum-Touch revolve around the belief that we are vibrational beings and that energy healing operates in the quantum field. The company asserts that energy healing is available to everyone, irrespective of background or beliefs. With a focus on vibrational wellness, Quantum-Touch contends that disturbances in energy flow contribute to mental, emotional, and physical issues.

Quantum-Touch believes in the expansive nature of energy healing, asserting that it transcends time and space. This attribute allows individuals to send energy into the future or address past issues, demonstrating the versatility and flexibility of Quantum-Touch as a self-healing modality.

As Richard Gordon succinctly puts it, “We hope that one day, all beings will realize that the power to heal is within.” Over 100 Quantum-Touch experts teach Quantum-Touch worldwide, both face-to-face and online. This diverse network of instructors expands the accessibility of Quantum-Touch's teachings, making them available to individuals worldwide, irrespective of linguistic or cultural differences. Through Quantum-Touch, this journey of self-discovery and healing beckons, promising a transformative experience for those who dare to embrace the extraordinary.

Amie Hope

Reprinted from OK! Magazine

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