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Hearing Returns in One Quantum-Touch Session

By Karina Grant

Sarah is a wonderful lady that has had several Quantum-Touch sessions with me over the past year. She has also attended a Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop and is on a journey of self discovery through healing.

She contacted me last week on Wednesday with a message entitled: “Sudden hearing loss – urgent.” Sarah was understandably panicked and emailed me on her way back from urgent care at the hospital, asking for help as soon as possible. She had previously told me about having some moderate hearing loss due to otosclerosis in her left ear, which happened over time. 

This had not prepared her for the shock of sudden severe hearing loss whilst out walking. She was left with tinnitus sounds, popping in her ear and total confusion. The Doctor in Urgent Care had tested her hearing and advised immediate steroids and an appointment later the next day with an ENT Doctor.

We arranged a session for later in the day and in the meantime I advised Sarah to start giving herself Quantum-Touch self healing using her Level 1 skills, specifically toning. I knew that the tones would firstly calm her nervous system and secondly that the internal sounds would stimulate her reconnection to sound. There is a lot of science around the benefits of toning and I have always held this technique in very high regard.

sound waves

Hi Karina,

Thank you for checking in. I was just thinking of writing to you.

After the session I had my ENT appointments. My left ear showed a slight improvement in hearing. My right ear only showed very mild hearing loss. The ENT doctor was stunned and didn’t have any reason why I showed sudden hearing loss at the urgent care the previous night, but the audiology report was not showing the hearing loss. He told me to not take any steroids and said, “I’m really happy for you. I cannot explain what happened and why but I wish you a great day.”

My right ear hearing has continued to be fine. I slept peacefully through the night. I think I experienced a miracle? Sudden hearing loss and couldn’t hear anything to hearing tests being normal in a span of 24 hours. Some Quantum-Touch at night, some Quantum-Touch in the morning with toning, per your advice, and a mind-blowing healing session from you with your spectacular energy and love.

I’m eternally grateful to you and thank the universe everyday for connecting me with you. Thank you from my heart!

Lots of love and gratitude,



How connected is our nervous system to our physical symptoms?

By the time we spoke a few hours later, Sarah had calmed herself using Quantum-Touch Level 1 and some hearing had started to return.

As soon as I received Sarah’s email my instinct was that although there may be a physiological issue with her ears, the main trigger had been an overloaded nervous system. It was this feeling that gave me full confidence that her hearing would return.

In Self Created Health we learn that if stress has the ability to create to physical symptoms then we also have the ability to do the opposite and welcome health and emotional equilibrium. Additionally, having taught many “Permission to Reset™ Your Nervous System” workshops and had many "Permissioning" client sessions that focus on this, I find a lot of symptoms that suddenly appear as a result of stress, will settle once the nervous system is much calmer and regulated.

Which techniques did I use?

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I started giving Sarah Quantum-Touch Level 1, focusing on her ears. We could both literally feel space being created internally around her ears as tension unlocked in the area. We could also feel a structural realignment happening internally. I then reached for the Supercharging toolbox and included the 12 colours that are our Energetic Blueprint of Wellbeing. 

My next stop was at the Heart Chakra using Quantum-Touch Level 2. This is a much more Yin style of energy and I could feel that this was going to create a big shift for Sarah. She began to let go more deeply as her mind became still enough that her body came out of fight or flight. We spent a significant part of the session in this area as a lot of emotional energy cleared around the heart.

How do we respond physically to stress and trauma?

A classic response to a shock, stressful time or a trauma is to feel like we are “out of our body.” I could feel that Sarah needed to be reconnected to her body which requires the person feeling safe to come back in and feel grounded again. So, the latter part of the session was focused entirely on this. Sarah felt much lighter emotionally and by the end of the session, her hearing had returned. She was astounded and even though I have seen a huge amount of incredible healing experiences over the 17 years of being a practitioner, this session was definitely up there with the best of them, in terms of the speed and magnitude of Sarah’s result.

I recommended that Sarah continue her self healing using Quantum-Touch Level 1 and also include some "Permissioning" to keep the energy and healing consistent.

Sarah’s result

The next morning she went back to the hospital to see the ENT specialist. He was totally shocked at the new hearing test result which showed a slight improvement in her longstanding left ear issue and only a very mild hearing loss in the right ear. Most importantly Sarah had a full return of her hearing within 24 hours. He sent her home with no steroids and no explanation about what had happened.

“The ENT doctor was stunned and didn’t have any reason why I showed sudden hearing loss at the urgent care the previous night but the audiology report was not showing the hearing loss. He told me to not take any steroids and said, I’m really happy for you. I cannot explain what happened and why but I wish you a great day.”

I am overjoyed for Sarah and she is still totally blown away by what happened. Having taken a Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop Sarah had the ability to start helping herself straight away, which was a big advantage when the sudden hearing loss happened. This is incredibly empowering and a skillset she is excited to increase by continuing her Quantum-Touch journey!

Karina Grant

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