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Men's Basketball at UCSC

Men's Basketball at UCSC

The Effect of Quantum-Touch on Sports Injuries

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of Quantum-Touch on sports injuries, I chose to work on the UCSC Men's Basketball team.  With the permission of Coach Duane Garner, I saw the players once a week for a period of six weeks

Players filled out a questionnaire before I started to work on them. Along with their name, age, date, and time we began the session, they described their symptoms, how long they had had the problem, and how much pain they were experiencing on a scale of 1-10.

When the sessions were over, players wrote down the time, how much pain they were in and any comments or observations that they had had. Copies of all questionnaires were given to Coach Garner and are included in the back section of this report. This report documents a range of injuries, including jammed fingers, ankle sprains, and knee pain... as well as non-sports problems like sore-throats and fever. I have also included documentation of six occasions when inflammation was significantly and visibly reduced.

The Quantum-Touch method is absolutely non-invasive and uses only a very light touch. In principle the system works by shifting the resonance of body tissue in order to stimulate the body's recuperative powers. While this may seem highly unorthodox, I believe that the results speak quite well for themselves.

Speaking of results, I never coached the players on what to say on their questionnaires; however, at times, I asked them to write down what they had told me during their sessions. Occasionally one of the Woman's Basketball players would show up and request a session as well. I was happy to help them, and I have included those sessions in this report.

Full UCSC Men's Basketball Report

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