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Julie Wang

Certified QT Practitioner & Level 1/EB Instructor; Certified Practitioner for Lymphatic Enhancement


United States

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(+1) 713.254.9323

Alt. Phone:


[email protected]



Julie offers Quantum-Touch Level 1 in-person (QTL1), and Quantum-Touch Live Virtual Level 1 (QTV1) workshops, Energy Boost (EB) in-person and live virtual mini-classes. To register or for more information about Quantum-Touch and/or workshops/classes/energy healing sessions, Please email Julie at: [email protected], and indicate your name, phone number, email address, and a brief message. Julie will get back with you as soon as possible.

Julie is a certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Quantum-Touch Level 1 and Energy Boost Instructor, a certified practitioner for Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy (LET), a certified Acess Bars Practitioner (BP) and Facilitator (BF), Access Energetic Facelift Pratitioner (AFPR), a Body Process Practitioner (BPP), a civil/structural engineer, a photographer, a world traveler, and an intuitive energy healer. 

Julie comes from a Buddhist and Taoist background, helping people and offering unconditional love, loving-kindness and compassion are what she passions, wishes and intention for her clients and teachings.

After couple incidents, Julie experienced unbearable physical pains and a Near Death Experience. Julie’s friend helped her with Quantum-Touch energy healing and introduced Quantum-Touch workshops to her for self-healing and reducing the pains. It started Julie's Quantum-Touch journey.

Julie has so much enthusiasm about the Quantum-Touch work and felt she had urgent needs to take multiple workshops to learn more about energy healings.

Julie has taken mutiple times of enregy healing workshops, including Quantum-Touch Levels I (5 times) & Quantum-Touch Level II (6 times), Quantum-Touch Supercharging (4 times), Quantum-Touch Self-Created Health (2 times), Gathering of Angels (2 times), Healing with Angels (1 time), Healing from Heaven (2 times) workshops, Energy Boost mini-class (2 times), Access Bars, Access Energetic Facelift, Access-Foundation, 3-day Body Access Classes, and Lympathic Enhancement Therapist training workshops.

After offered a series of energy healing sessions for herself, friends and clients with shocking results, and her heart was fulfilled with love and joys. Julie realized that she has so much enthusiasm about the Quantum-Touch work and other energy healing modalites. Besides being a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner, Julie also pursued Quantum-Touch instructor certifications to promote and teach Quantum-Touch energy healing to benefit more people.

Julie has been practicing different kinds of healing modalities, combining her all knowledges and skills, fullfilling love and compassions when she works with her clients and students. Julie also integrates Quantum-Touch with her Spiritual practices of Buddhism and her knowledges of Chinese herbs diet, Zen's Meditations, Tai-Chi, yoga, exercises, and other methods of natural healing for herself, clients and students.

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