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Ermion Pierre, DrPH,RN

CEO & Founder


Essentia Center for Integrative Health, LLC

Maine, 04330
United States

Contact Information


207-248-6004 Call

Alt. Phone:

978-261-7493 Text.


[email protected]



Ermion Pierre is a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) and Registered Nurse (RN) with more than 15 years of experience in the healthcare and public health fields, especially, in the areas of addiction to substances and mental health disorders, as well as behavioral health issues.  

Ermion has an intimate understanding of the body’s powerful ability to heal itself from personal experience and practice. She is a life-long student of the Natural Laws governing the Universe. Her interest in holistic healing drove her journey in Complementary and Alternative Therapies In the Practice Of Nursing in 2007 as a Nursing student in Boston, MA.

Now, Ermion is very excited to incorporate her background in nursing and public health with Quantum-Touch® to facilitate healing from a place of peace and love.

She is currently offering remote healing sessions from Maine, United States, to anywhere in the world via Zoom, Skype, and phone. 

To book a session, please email Ermion at [email protected]; call 207-248 6004; text (978)-261-7493;