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The Connection between Heart Energy & Alternative Healing

The Connection between Heart Energy & Alternative Healing

Did you know that a study put out by the Heart Math Institute stated that our human heart's energy output can dramatically change the way we perceive our interaction with those we come in contact with daily... including co-workers, family, friends AND even those we don't know.

Heart energy is also used in many forms of alternative healing.

Scientists have discovered that our human heart 's output of energy is greater than any other organ that we have including the brain. The Scientists measured the muscle tension, heart rate & blood pressure and found that feelings (emotions) stay with a person for eight hours!

What does that mean to you and me?  When I say, "I love you" to my spouse or child and give them a hug in the morning, that positive energy will stay with him/her throughout the school or work day.

Or if we smile or sincerely give someone a compliment, it can spread throughout their day and be contagious to others. How amazing is that?

That feeling of overwhelming love is an explosion in your heart. That warm tingling feeling of peace, love and joy is your heart energy.

Your heart energy is what allows you to manifest what is good in your life and to create a feeling of gratitude for anything positive you desire.

What you focus on grows.  Let those positive feelings in your heart continue to grow and share that feeling by sending it to others. Even if it is just through your thoughts.  If they are open they will receive it with an open heart.

Your heart is more than just a pump that provides circulation for your body.  Your heart has a much stronger electrical current than that of your brain. There has been new scientific research on heart intelligence.  Our heart has its own "intelligent force" that sends signals to the rest of our body.  So...Listen to your heart.

Our love has so much more impact than we ever dreamed of.  We need to share the love that our heart energy gives us for the health and benefit of ourselves and the entire planet.  It all starts with one.

Living to Love and Learn,

Krismas Adams
Certified Quantum-Touch & Self Created Health Instructor & Practitioner

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