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The Amazing Healer Within Us

by Sue Rigby

In Quantum-Touch Level 2, we learn to work with non-obvious muscles and tendons. These are vital in providing strength and stability to our bodies, especially important as we age, helping us to avoid falls and stay mobile and flexible. </p.

The ability to walk, get up from a chair and climb stairs is something we need to maintain, giving us independence and freedom.

Three major muscles and tendons we work with in Level 2 perform these functions, enabling us to raise our legs, to rotate our legs outwards and to bend sideways from the waist.

When I receive healing my body moves in response to the energy and it also does this when I give myself healing.

After an operation on my hip my body showed me the impact of Quantum-Touch in speeding up healing. As I stood to give myself a Quantum-Touch session, I focused on the three major muscles, one at a time.

In response my leg was raised, my hip and knee rotated outwards and my body bent to the side from my waist, not all at the same time!! When I received physiotherapy, these muscles were the center of attention.

By regularly giving myself a healing, I am supporting these muscles now and into the future, reminding me that Quantum-Touch is there for the whole of me and the whole of my life.

We have the most amazing Inner Healers within us, always communicating with us. Now we just have to listen and act.


Sue Rigby

Quantum-Touch Practitioner
L1 and L2 Instructor
United Kingdom

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