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Quantum-Touch, Energy and Frequency

Quantum-Touch, Energy and Frequency

by Hilary Jupp, published at

Quantum physics shows that everything in our physical world is actually formed from energy which is constantly flowing. This energy could be likened to electricity or to radio signals. We may see our bodies as being solid and made up of blood and tissue and bone but every part of our bodies is actually energy vibrating and flowing in streams and there is more energy permeating and surrounding what we see as our bodies. This is usually known as the aura, auric field, or simply the Field and it has no ending.

Energy in different forms vibrates at a different frequency. The energy that makes up a rock vibrates slowly, which is the reason the rock looks and feels solid. The energy that makes up a delicate flower vibrates much faster. Energies that vibrate on the same frequency are in resonance with each other and absorb each other's energy easily.

More than this, every cell in our body has its own innate intelligence, and wellbeing is the natural state in which each cell is always striving to maintain itself or reach when it has been shut off from that natural state. A higher vibration is always dominant to a lower vibration but what is thrumming on a low vibration needs to have some way of connecting to that higher vibration in order to benefit.

Quantum Touch is simply utilising Source energy to raise the vibration of a sick person or animal to the vibrational rate of wellbeing and the innate healing ability of each cell does the rest.

Anyone (including children) can learn to do Quantum Touch. There is a book available that explains how to do it and there are also Quantum Touch trainers around the world. The book is entitled "Quantum-Touch The Power to Heal" by Richard Gordon, and it describes how to access Source energy and direct it into a person, animal, plant, food, water, etc., either with physical contact or at a distance. It can be used for self healing as well as for helping others to heal.

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