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Discover why, Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch calls Quantum-Touch Level 2, "The New Human."

Quantum-Touch Level 2 is a surprising healing technique breakthrough. In this dynamic two-day workshop, you will learn powerful new ways to cultivate and apply Life Force Energy to improve your life, emotional well being and tap into the extraordinary healing power within.

What Makes Level 2 So Special?

Level 2 shows you how to cultivate heart energy, the most coherent and transformative energy there is. Although all of the Quantum-Touch workshops use heart energy, in Level 2, heart energy becomes the focus and the key.

You’ll use Level 2 heart energy techniques to expand the potential of your own body systems and brain, and practice new ways of changing beliefs for greater joy. These are skills that can be used in daily life for yourself, your family or friends, or become professional tools in your practice.

Level 2 Quantum-Touch is a dynamic and powerful workshop full of amazing discoveries. Learn how to tap into love for healing and transformation. Let love open the door to extraordinary freedom in your life.

Your love has impact. Your love is powerful.

From Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch...


richard “I never thought I would be able to take Quantum-Touch to the next level… until recently.  
In 1978, Robert Rasmussen originally taught me to do the basic breathing and body awareness work that we teach in Level 1.  Then I introduced vortexing, chakra spinning, amplified resonance, toning, the 12 chakras and many other techniques to enhance the work.
In 2009, I made a huge discovery about Quantum-Touch, and then very rapidly, one insight quickly cascaded with another and then another. If the Quantum-Touch Level 1 workshop is like a rocket, the advanced Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop picks up exactly where we left off and sends it into orbit and beyond.”

-Richard Gordon
Founder of Quantum-Touch

Quantum-Touch Level 2 helps you journey beyond the boundaries of who and what you thought you were. You’ll learn how you can use heart energy to help yourself evolve, expand and truly become a New Human!

Get ready to be astounded!

“The Quantum-Touch Level 2 class was fabulous for me.

I received validation for things that I have been doing as well as many more techniques that I am very much looking forward to using. It was an absolute thrill to be a part of something that is cutting edge in energy healing.”

Barbara Al-Othaimeen

Seattle/Saudi Arabia

Please note: Before you can attend a Level 2 Workshop, you must successfully complete a live Level 1 Quantum-Touch Workshop. The Original Workshop Online cannot be substituted for this pre-requisite.

What You Will Learn

New ways to work with universal life force energy

Open to greater love and compassion

Discover physiological wellbeing

Open to greater intuitive ability and wisdom

Learn how to support your own evolution with heart energy

Amazing new chakra discoveries and how to work more deeply with charkas 8 – 12

New ways to work with the Law of Attraction

The Quantum-Touch Level 2 Meditation

Explore and enter the new paradigm

And much more!

Discover a New Paradigm and Become a Certified Practitioner

Enter the New Paradigm

Level 2 focuses on a new paradigm where consciousness affects matter with unlimited possibilities.

Amplify Your Heart Energy

Heart energy encompasses unconditional love and compassion and generates powerful Life Force Energy

Become a Certified Practitioner

The Level 2 Workshop fulfills one of the workshop requirements to become a certified practitioner and counts as 4 hours towards practitioner certification hours.

Inspiring Words from Students

“The very best of the workshop is that it leaves one with many questions and opens new frontiers to explore. The workshop is full of experiential exercises that leaves one with new insights of consciousness, love, and how limitless we are as human beings.”

Edit McMillan Cotati, CA USA

“Thank you for your help in fulfilling my destiny! Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving. Attend this workshop and experience new possibilities and aspects of yourself. You will never be the same again. What is impossible for you now? Really? Experience how much more you are than what you think you are.”

James Herren

“This work truly is an introduction to a new paradigm. The possibilities of where this information can take humanity is limitless. I can’t wait to apply these techniques to create an overall better life for myself and others using the manifestation techniques. Thank you so much!”

Heidi Hase Grass Valley, CA USA

“For the last 30 years, I do so many workshops and I get bored very fast if it’s not exciting enough for me! But these last two days were amazing. I felt a lot of energy and joy during the exercises and I’m happy I made this journey from the Netherlands to Los Angeles, USA to join this wonderful workshop.”

Yolande van Rosmalen Netherlands

“I love the class and the feeling I got from it. The information we shared in the class is invaluable and the path of Quantum-Touch is ever bright. I think Quantum-Touch will serve as a tool for our world to be healed, once we discover our nature.”

Chen Xiofang Haiku, HI USA

“Quantum-Touch Level 2 is a wonderful expansion of true energy work. It allows us to step beyond the techniques we previously learned and brings a new quality to the healing process, one that quite literally comes from the heart. It is all very exciting!”

Maxi Kogoi Ojai, CA USA

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