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The requirements for a Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor include workshop attendance as well as completion of the Level 1 Instructor Training Workshop.

Step-by-Step Level 1 Quantum-Touch Instructor Certification Requirements

Step 1

Become a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner

After you have become a certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner and spent a minimum of six months actively using Quantum-Touch in private energy healing instructor sessions with your clients, you may apply to become a Level 1 Certified Instructor.

Step 2

Attend a Quantum-Touch Level 2 workshop

If you have not already taken a Level 2 workshop as part of your Practitioner Certification requirements, please attend a Level 2 workshop.

Step 3

Attend a Supercharging workshop

If you have not already taken a Supercharging Workshop as part of your Practitioner Certification requirements, please attend a Supercharging workshop.

Step 4

Optional: Attend a Self-Created Health Workshop

If you have not already taken a Self-Created Health workshop as part of your Practitioner Certification requirements, we encourage you to attend a Self-Created Health workshop.

Step 5

Optional: Attend a Manifesting Miracles Workshop

If you have not already taken a Manifesting Miracles workshop as part of your Practitioner Certification requirements, we encourage you to attend a Manifesting Miraclees workshop.

Step 6

Attend at least 4 live Level 1 Quantum-Touch classes

If your practitioner certification included two Level 1 classes, you will need to attend two additional Level 1 workshops. Your tuition for these additional classes is half the full registration price. At least one of these Level 1 workshops should be taken within a year of submitting your application to become a Level 1 Instructor. Take these classes with the mindset of a student teacher. Learn how Level 1 work-shops are successfully managed. You'll see classroom dynamics in action and begin to imprint within your own mind and heart how to facilitate and teach the work. After attending these workshops, it is our hope that you will be able to articulate workshop topics and be very familiar with the flow and content of Level 1 Quantum-Touch.

Step 7

Apply to be a Level 1 Certified Instructor

Complete an application form and email to Ez az e-mail-cím a szpemrobotok elleni védelem alatt áll. Megtekintéséhez engedélyeznie kell a JavaScript használatát. along with your non-refundable application fee of $200 USD. The application will go through a review process. Quantum-Touch Headquarters will talk with a few of your Level 1 Instructors and in general assess your readiness to proceed. You have one year after submitting your application to complete the instructor certification process.

Download Your Instructor Application Here

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Download Word

Step 8

Choose your Instructor Trainer and have an interview

The next step for candidates who satisfactorily pass Step 4 is the interview with a Level 1 Instructor Trainer. Our Trainers are a group of highly experienced and successful Level 1 Certified Instructors worldwide who have been approved by Quantum-Touch, Inc. to support you in your goal of becoming a Quantum-Touch Instructor.

Find a Level 1 Instructor Trainer

Once you have found a Level 1 Instructor Trainer with whom you would like to work, contact him or her to schedule the one-hour interview. After the interview, Quantum-Touch Headquarters will notify you whether or not you are eligible to proceed to the training phase.

Step 9

Attend the Instructor Training class

Attend the Instructor Training class held by your chosen Trainer. All Instructor Candidates are required to attend the 6-hour Level 1 Instructor Training class with a Certified Quantum-Touch Level 1 Instructor Trainer. The fee for this class is $1000 USD, and is paid directly to the Trainer who conducts the class.

Find a Level 1 Instructor Training Workshop

Find a Level 1 Instructor Trainer

Two primary areas covered in the program:

Workshop Content and Class Dynamics

  • A detailed review of workshop topics as shown in the QTL1 Instructor Manual

  • Guidelines for handling practice sessions and classroom dynamics

  • Practice sessions communicating and facilitating the material

  • An overview of official Level 1 materials and policies

Developing your Business

  • A detailed checklist to consider when organizing a class

  • The basics (creating a business presence for yourself, etc.)

  • Tips for marketing and networking your classes extensively

  • Important features to consider when choosing workshop locations

  • Key items to bring to your classes

  • Helpful ideas for student communication (pre-class and follow-up contact)

  • Record keeping details required by Quantum-Touch Headquarters

Step 10

Practice Teach in a Level 1 Workshop

Once you have successfully completed the 6-hour Instructor Training class, you will need to practice teach in a Level 1 Workshop conducted by a Level 1 Instructor Trainer. Simply enroll in an upcoming Level 1 class taught by your Instructor Trainer (at the repeat student fee - 50% off the regular class price). During the workshop, you will teach parts of the Level 1 course material, and actively assist the Instructor in monitoring practice sessions and answering questions.

Step 11

Sign the Level 1 Instructor Agreement

Sign the Level 1 Instructor Agreement and pay a one-time non-refundable certification fee of $300 US$

Instructor Annual Fee

To maintain active status, instructors are required to pay a $199 USD annual fee. (Note: The $199 instructor fee includes the $99 USD annual practitioner fee.)

Please mail your completed instructor requirements to:

ATTN: Instructor Application
PO Box 791720
Paia, HI 96779

Upon receipt of all requirements at the QT Main Office, please allow 2-3 weeks for certification. Certification from QT is required prior to the scheduling of your first Level I Workshop. Students will only receive course credit from Certified QT Instructors.

All fees, terms and conditions of application for and becoming a certified instructor are subject to change and are at the discretion of Quantum-Touch, Inc. Completion of the instructor requirements does not guarantee or entitle certification to any individual. All inquiries and submissions are subject to a review and approval process by Quantum-Touch, Inc.

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