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Judie Maron-Friend


Hands of Freedom Healing

Oregon, 97220
United States

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It was the mid-1970s when I ventured, fully, into the energetic healing arts encouraged by a serious health challenge. Since I was unable to find relief from this health challenge through conventional (allopathic) means, I found myself, rather, synchronously guided to the care and tutelage of a gifted Homeopathic and Naturopathic physician. This was my initial introduction to the profound effectiveness of light and energy modalities and the beginning of my education in the Alternative/Complementary healing arts. I have since gathered working knowledge of various other practices and modalities from many gifted mentors, trainers, and educators.
Added to my Quantum-Touch® Level I, Level II and Self Created Health practitioner and instructor certifications, Three in One-Tools of the Trade certifications, and my BSFF practitioners certification (presented by Dr. Larry Nims), are several related areas of study. Some of these are: all levels of The Silva Method training, including the healing workshop presented by Jose Silva, Raja Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi,
Field Training, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and the Sedona Method. More recently my expanded training includes Regenesis I & II with Jim Mann, the Wonder Method with Alain Herriott, and Quantum Entrainment. More recently I have added two basic workshops in Jin Shin Jyutsu to my studies. Working with sound healing therapy using the Singing Crystal Bowls is another of my passions.

My training with Quantum-Touch includes: QT Level I, with Richard Gordon, Supercharging and Core Transformation with Alain Herriott, QT Level II and Self Created Health also with Richard. I have been a certified QT practitioner conducting private one-on-one sessions since 2002 and a certified QT Instructor since 2004. I am available to instruct three advanced QT workshops, the Level I, Level II and Self Created Health. Please visit my workshop schedule or see my expanded web presence at: www.handsoffreedomhealing.weebly.com

My workshops are very informal yet well structured as I believe in keeping the integrity of Richard's work in tact. Students are always encouraged to have fun with the work and to employ a childlike innocence to allow the imagination and, consequently, the intuition to develop. What is truly key is to "allow" the energy to flow, with love, through you to the client. I am available to instruct all Quantum-Touch Workshops to your group of six or more by appointment. Other arrangements for classes can also be arranged. Please contact me to discuss details.

Here are what a few of my students have to say about my workshops: 

Excellent teacher!! Very enjoyable and inspirational.

Judie is so practical in her approach, plus she has a killer sense of humor making the class fun and playful! Words are useless right now but suffice it to say - AWESOME class!! Loved it!!

I would definitely consider taking another class with Judie because I can learn from her and she has a high level of proficiency.
Level II Class from Judie - Her clarity and understanding and intention help others to reach a positive understanding was spot on. The Level II Work brings into positive consciousness the many different attributes of love, appreciation, caring, etc. ~ J.L, PhD, O

I would certainly take another class with Judie because of her wide knowledge and deep experience and lots of love! I have taken several classes with Judie. Each one of them is more pleasurable than the other. She offers all her knowledge, all her patience, all her experience and most importantly all of her love in each class for each student. I feel happy and blessed to have had the chance to learn QT2 from her and am eager for her next class. Thank you, Judie!

There was never a non-welcoming feeling at any point during the class ~ J.D., Vancouver, WA

Judie has a nice balance of instruction and humor. She is very comfortable in her role as an instructor. The Level II work has given me an abundance of tools and the keys to understanding what it means to heal and be the love. I will take this into every area of my life with impact. ~ JH, Portland, OR

This was one of the most "senseful" courses I've ever taken. Please find a way to get this out to more people. ~ M.D., Gresham, OR

Judie has an interactive style and is an open and beautiful person. The tools she gave me in the Level II class are priceless and I know they will be beneficial to my practice as well as myself! Through this class I've evolved as an individual - which will touch each facet of my life. ~ CF, Oregon

I was very fortunate to be introduced to Quantum Touch in 2010. I was in a bad depression after an emotional trauma. It is both sad and funny how I have struggled with that for months, and just in few minutes during the beginning of the QT session all the heaviness in my heart lightened and during the second session all seemed okay! After this experience I planned to take the QT course, and I did take several. My instructor was Judie Maron-friend. The courses were enjoyable, beneficial and, simply, life changing. Judie is very knowledgeable, well-rounded, and intelligent. She has outstanding communication skills and is talented in transferring knowledge to her students- who are often from different backgrounds- in a fun-filled and love-filled atmosphere. Most importantly, Judie is very passionate and dedicated and lives what she teaches, which strengthens the confidence and belief of her students in energy healing. My other experience with QT healing is after a severe knee injury which was diagnosed as needing surgery with unknown outcomes. To keep my story short, after two QT sessions with Judie (which also included extensive emotional release) and were few weeks apart, and after applying what I learnt in class for few weeks. The doctors assured that no surgery is needed anymore and few strengthening exercises will do. I can run a marathon if need be now :) Although the list of  the great experiences I have with QT (even with distant QT healing) continues to grow,  I am always astonished about how magical things continue to happen for the best, as an evidence of the infinite possibilities and the infinite love.  
Dr. Sherine Abdelhak Hardware Architect, Intel Corp.
Ph.D. in Computing on Embedded Systems.

This class was so informative and the instructor encouraged me to come even when I was sick - to be healed and I was!! - Wonderful! ~ KR, Kelso WA

Beautiful, Relevant, Following Flow!! ~ KL, Connecticut

Just took my 1st QT level 2 class with Judie, and she said just the right things directly to me, to help my process after the class ended. So much is packed in those two days that a week and a half later, am finally starting to get it. I hurt my lower back last year, and while being worked on in the class, my lower back got real hot, hurt real badly, and started tingling. Then quicker then I  expected, it got cooler, and cooler, stopped hurting, and felt really good. My back has not felt this good in years. Thanks Judie, every time I see you my world feels better than it did before. ~ Mike B., Vashon Island, WA

Great Instruction! I really enjoyed Judith and her method. ~ R.N., Chiropractor, WA

Judie is a fantastic teacher!! Very intuitive and is very knowledgeable - has a very gentle, loving spirit and she connects to each person at the spirit level - she makes it easy, relaxing, enjoyable and inspiring! ~ JE, WA

Judie is friendly, knowledgeable, and encouraging and I would certainly take another class from her. ~ C. SL., Hong Kong

Judie explains very clearly, makes a potentially tough concept/practice come easily. I know I will continue the work as it FEELS FANTASTIC! ~ S.C., Beaverton, OR 

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