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Wong, Pui Ling Pauline


Pauline's Wellness Centre

Discovery Bay
Hong Kong

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[email protected]



My journey with Quantum Touch has been so amazing that I have to share the love with everyone.

I believe in "Love is the answer," and Quantum Touch energy healing resonant with my belief.  

When we are in tune with ourselves emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically, our body has the ability to heal itself. According to Ayurverda, healthy is not just an absence of disease, but a state of expended consciousness or awareness that opens us to great well-being, creativity and joy.  

Pauline provides hands-on healing and distant healing session, on all health conditions, with special interests in chakras and emotional health. She treats everyone holistically - looking at your emotions, lifestyle, diet and nutritions, and physical symptoms; helping you through your personal journey to become a better you.

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