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Aileen McKenna

Founder, Aileen's Oasis


Aileen's Oasis, Ottawa

Ontario, K2C 3P4

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[email protected]



Aileen was the first instructor in Quantum-Touch in Canada, certified in June, 2004.  When Aileen McKenna attended her first Quantum-Touch training in Montreal in October 2002, she knew that she had found the energy modality she had been searching for.  Aileen brings to her trainings, her skills as a Certified Small Group Facilitator, Certified Facilitator of Open Space Technology, as well as her skills and expertise in the consciousness of NVC and now, in 2018, a Law of Attraction Coach based on the work of Abraham and Esther Hicks, Sanaya and Doane and Lazaris.

From the age of 10, as the result of an automobile accident, Aileen searched for relief from severe back and left leg pain.  Following the discovery with an alternative teacher, that her pelvis was torqued to the right, that is, high on the right side and rotated forward she found her resolution early in her relationship with QT, that while presenting a video workshop in her home in Ottawa, her pelvis about two inches higher on the right side at that moment, rotated elegantly back into position in about 5 minutes, releasing all pain.

Aileen McKenna was first introduced to energy medicine for individuals and the earth in 1988, on her initial visit to the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community in the north of Scotland. She began her studies in energy healing in 1992, and is a certified Quantum-Touch practitioner/instructor, associate polarity practitioner and certified aromatherapist. She founded the Ottawa Healing Circle, the Water Energizing Project at Mooney’s Bay, co- founded the Kingston Healing Circle, and she presented Quantum-Therapy at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario during a conference on Truth, Sustainability, Self-Awareness and Holistic Wellness on April 2nd, 2005. Aileen has an energy healing practice in Ottawa, and provides training in Quantum-Touch therapy in Canada and internationally. She has trained with 700 hours of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and Shamanism.  Aileen uses her skills as a Master Certified Law of Attraction Coach and Certified Desire Factor to her practice to assist her clients in their process.

She majored in psychology and management, with emphasis on refugee studies, at Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland where she studied in the late 80's. Aileen has also had extensive training in group facilitation both as a certified facilitator of small groups, and a certified facilitator in Open Space Technology.  

Aileen regularly works with persons presenting with a concussion, tumours, as well as severed rotator cuff, sciatic pain, arthritis, repetitive strain syndrome, and back pain. She also offers distance healing for physical and emotional and stress related issues such as ADD, ADHD as well as PTSD.

Recently, Aileen developed a new workshop particularly for energy workers called Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space and offers practice groups for Non-Violent Communication . 


You can reach Aileen at [email protected], [email protected]

and you can check out her websites: www.aileensoasis.com and www.wellnessunlimited.ca

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