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Claudia Scott


Joy of Healing

California, 94588
United States

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[email protected]

Claudia has been involved in the energy healing arts for the past 30 years primarily accessing the Akashic Records, and additionally utilizing Pranic Healing, Qi-Gong, Soul/Mind/Body Medicine, The Emotion Code, Mediumship, Sounding and Meditation. The outcome in sessions has been even more powerful since incorporating Quantum-Touch into her practice. Her enthusiasm in allowing for infinite possibilities, promoting mindfulness, as well as focusing on each individual’s innate wisdom sets the space for rapid return to balance and joy.

Claudia's true passion is to empower others to discover their own healing abilities.  The delight at being present for the "aha" moment as both students and clients realize that they are the true miracle workers is both heart-touching and thrilling.   Claudia offers instruction and classes in Quantum-Touch Level 1, Supercharging, Awakening Spiritual Channels (to see and perceive energy), Accessing the Akashic Records, Sounding and Meditation.

          "Claudia's gifts of presence, tenderness, communication and intuitive abilities in accessing energy fields is                          extraordinary.  She will transport you to the truth of your own beauty and does it in a way that is safe and                              compassionate illuminating even the darkest of places with ease and grace.  She is a Master!"                                                  Wendy V.   Virginia, USA

           "It is such a privilege receiving healings with Claudia.  She is a master at what she does; dancing effortlessly                       between her healing guides, the body and the higher self.  Blockages were shifted with ease, and I was able to gain an understanding where they originated and why I was holding onto them.  In the process I developed a                                compassion and love for myself - priceless.  Her healing sessions are light, playful, caring and highly                                      transformative.  Nicole P.   San Deigo, CA  

           "Claudia's combination of quiet calm and bold authority rank her among the best energy healers I've worked with -               high praise indeed!  I was struck by her process of allowing insight to reveal itself without positive or negative                     judgment.  Ellen S.   Michigan

           "My session with Claudia was transformational in eliminating paralyzing fear in such a short amount of time.                           She also recognized key areas that were in need of attunement without me specifically asking for it.  I was able to                 make hugh energy shifts within one session.  Margaret L.  Manchester, England

 "My bones feel like they have flowers sticking out of each end where the joints are, continuing to heal my body.   This is the end of my arthritis experience, and I am so very grateful!   I am at a level of Peace that I have not  experienced before – How magnificent!”      L.E.  Santa Cruz, CA

Claudia is available by appointment locally for private sessions, and Akashic Readings/distant healings worldwide.  If you are interested in having Claudia teach a workshop in your area, please call her at 925/784-5956 or e-mail at [email protected].

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