Phenomenal Healing After Receiving Quantum-Touch

Hello everyone, my name is Robert McKee, and I am grateful to be able to share my story of remarkable healing with you, after receiving Quantum-Touch sessions from the beautiful and remarkable president of Quantum-Touch, Inc., Jennifer Taylor.

Some of you might know me as the muscular guy from Quantum-Touchs newest DVD called, Energy Enhancement Through Fitness, or from articles and stories in the QT newsletter. If you have had the opportunity to view the video you would see that previously I was an extremely fit, flexible and strong individual. Well, my reckless past caught up to me in a big way, and life as I knew it was changed forever in an instant.

Here is a picture of me shortly before the accident:

Here I am 3 weeks after surgery:


I used to be a world champion Olympic weightlifter and sustained a very serious disk injury in 1992 before a competition. I was already into alternative medicine at that time and owned a health food store. In my sport, and in my store, I saw many people still suffering after surgery. Despite being pre-med and wanting to become a surgeon, I clearly saw many faults with modern medicine and decided to forgo surgery for myself at that time.

My suffering came and went for over 10 years despite trying many different methods. After many bouts with severe and debilitating pain, depression and despair, I made a startling recovery in 2003. My pain became so great that I could neither walk nor stand. I got to a point in life where I became willing to do whatever it took to heal myself.

I dropped to my knees (which was not too hard at that time) and asked God for guidance. Then, a miraculous thing happened. It seemed that all that I required to heal began to manifest. I started to meditate and began to receive an influx of what I now believe to be, divine information, guiding me through the process of healing. Within 90-days I was pain free and very strong again. In fact, I could do push-ups with a guy standing on my back!

These last five years have been glorious until a freakish episode earlier this month. I had not been lifting anything very heavy lately and could not understand how this all could have happened so fast.

On one Friday, I had a couple episodes during the day where my hip gave out a bit and felt like it needed to be stretched. Saturday morning I woke up and both of my legs were paralyzed from mid-thigh down. I could neither walk nor stand. I was terrified beyond understanding. How could this happen? Disbelief turned to rage. How could this happen to ME!

I went to the ER and they scheduled me for emergency surgery to remove a disk that had completely shut off the spinal canal at the L 3-4 level. I felt confident in my doctors as they are some of the top surgeons from a famous sports clinic here in Los Angeles. However, fear crept in when I had to sign all the legal forms saying that I understood that death, complete paralysis, and increased pain were par for the course with this type of procedure so close to the spinal canal.

Three weeks later, the lovely soul Jennifer (from Quantum-Touch) came over to my house and did a considerable amount of energy work on my legs, feet, and back.

During the session I could feel intense heat coming from Jennifers hands despite her light touch and deep sensitivity for energy and body tissue. She instinctively found areas that needed the work most and created a space for my body to begin to do some rapid healing of my serious condition. I began to feel intense waves of heat move through my entire body as I continued to breathe into her hands. Simultaneously, I felt a fullness returning to my still paralyzed parts. I was getting filled with life-force energy and it was bringing the sensation back to my feet and legs!

That night I awoke drenched in water. It was not perspiration, rather a light cool water detoxification. Already in the morning something felt different. After having a huge plug torn out of my back, I felt very unbalanced. This morning however, I felt much more integrated. My body was beginning to come back together into alignment.

Since Jennifers hands-on sessions with me, and subsequent distance healing sessions, my recovery has been exponential. The very next day, I was able to stand in the shower with my eyes closed and not lose my balance. That is a HUGE improvement considering all the muscles of my lower leg, which control our body position, were totally paralyzed just a day before!

I believe that I can still feel Jennifers distance healings sessions. From time to time, I will feel that same warmth from her hands, and then I will get an email from her minutes later saying, Hey I just did some distance healing on you. On those days, I usually get that release of water during sleep, but only when Jennifer is doing a distance healing session.

Today, I no longer walk with a walker or the braces they made for my legs; and it has been less than a week since Jennifer used love to make a huge impact in my bodys ability to heal. Everyday I get stronger and stronger. In fact, I worked out with light weights for the last two days. Check the photo below:

Robert lifts weights

There is simply no limit to the experiences we can have through Quantum-Touch. In my work I use it at every possible opportunity, and I urge you to go out and experiment with everything you know. Venture forth and be an example of love and childlike curiosity. Have fun with it and share it with those who thirst for your knowledge. Above all, remember your love has impact. May the blessings be.

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