One Arm Shorter than the Other Arm


Ione Dragunas found out in 1999 that she had a benign tumor in the bone in her right arm. That year she had a surgery to remove the tumor and part of the bone. After the surgery she started to have some pain and it started to become chronic. One year later she perceived that her arm had shrink and she went to the surgeon that told her that he didn't do anything to cause that to happen. He said that she should start a heavy treatment in physiotherapy and so she did it for years. She had no result, plus the increase of pain and the embarrassment for having an arm shorter than the other.


The weekend of July 4th and 5th, 2009 she took the Basic QT workshop in São Paulo, Brasil with the Instructor Bia de Oliveira and asked to have QT done to her arm. We took the photo before and I asked her to push the arm above the head as much as she could. After 18 minutes she was healed! I am always in owe with Quantum-Touch!

Bia de Castro Oliveira, CQTIP
São Paulo, Brasil

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