Take Level 1 to the Next Level!

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Quantum-Touch, Inc. has revived the Supercharging Workshop!

Many years ago, Mary White Eagle Derr discovered key ideas and techniques that greatly enhance the effectiveness of Quantum-Touch sessions. Now, this long-time favorite has been revised and revitalized for the energy needs of today.

Supercharging expands on the Quantum-Touch principles and practices taught in the live Level 1. In this two-day workshop, you will learn new ways to cultivate deep healing Energy for yourself and others and take your energy work to the next level!

Get ready to be astounded!

“I am happier, calmer, and more loving as well as more serene and confident

Ever since taking the Supercharging workshop and doing the Color Meditation. I can handle whatever comes my way with grace and love.”

Heather Churchill, N.D.

Please note: Before you can attend a Supercharging Workshop, you must successfully complete a live Level 1 Quantum-Touch Workshop. The Original Workshop Online cannot be substituted for this pre-requisite.

What You Will Learn

How to revitalize yourself with the 12 fundamental colors of optimal health and well-being

How to enhance the effectiveness of your Quantum-Touch sessions with the Amplification Technique

How to engage your 12 chakras and Central Channel to powerfully boost your energy

How to work with a universal healing pattern and tone that brings transformation at a cellular level

Specific techniques for longevity (reversed aging) and digestive health (for weight loss or weight gain)

Energy healing techniques to support emotional and mental health

How to create your reality using group and individual exercises

Ways to connect to universal abundance, love and wisdom.

Supercharging Quantum-Touch!

Learn the Energetic Blueprint for Wellbeing

Work with a fundamental group of 12 colors present in healthy cells that are essential for optimal health, balance, and harmony.

Use the U-NAN Pattern for Healing

U-NAN means “to make whole” and is the primary universal cellular pattern. U-NAN transforms unbalanced energies and heals the body at a very deep level.

Become a Certified Practitioner

The Supercharging Workshop fulfills one of the workshop requirements to become a certified practitioner and counts as 4 hours towards practitioner certification hours.

Inspiring Words from Students

“I first took this workshop over ten years ago and I never forgot those 12 colors! They are vibrational nutrition! Each time I use them for myself or in a healing session, I can feel the immediate uplift they provide. The Supercharging colors are truly extraordinary.”

Henri Rand Furgiuele, M.A.

“The Supercharging Workshop is so fun and it awakened my ability to see energy.”

Tyler Odysseus, Pasadena, CA

“Supercharging Quantum Touch is a must have for anyone interested in working with energy. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the concept of energy.”

Carole Schmelzer, St. Paul, MN

“This is a blessed tool to help another soul. It is indispensable for health practitioners.”

Librada M. Manaligod, M.D.

“I am thrilled at the simplicity and the effectiveness of this technique. Quantum-Touch is a great awakening.”

John Jacobs, Ph.D.

“This is the most profound energy experience of my life. I have practiced psychic healing for 14 years and this enhances that skill in such a soft loving way. There is no limit to what you can do”

Mary White Eagle Derr, Supercharging Developer

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