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Quantum-Touch, Inc., United States

P.O. Box 791720
Paia, HI 96779
Toll Free: 1-888-424-0041
International: +001 310-984-6899
General Questions: mail@quantumtouch.com
Instructor Program: instructor@quantumtouch.com
Practitioner Program: practitioner@quantumtouch.com

Quantum-Touch, Brazil

Portuguese Liaison: Bia de Castro Oliveira
General Questions: bia@quantumtouch.com

Quantum-Touch, China

Chinese Liaisons: Elizabeth Kwok
Raymond Chan
General Questions: elizabeth@quantumtouch.com 
Facebook Chinese Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/qtchinese2018

Quantum-Touch, France

French Liaison: Robert Marty
General Questions: robert@quantumtouch.com

Quantum-Touch, Germany

German Liaison: Bianca Telle
General Questions: bianca@quantumtouch.com

Quantum-Touch, Mexico

Spanish Liaison: María Santa Cruz Peralta
General Questions: maria@quantumtouch.com

Quantum-Touch, Japan

Japanese Liaison: Meg Peterson
Japanese Phone #: 81345790638
General Questions: meg@quantumtouch.com
Japanese Newsletter: Current Newsletters
Old Newsletters

Quantum-Touch, Netherlands

Dutch Representatives: Linda Menkhorst
Yolande van Rosmalen
General Questions: linda@quantumtouch.com


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