What I Love About Quantum-Touch & Energy Healing


1) I love that anyone can do this work with astonishing results, right away.

2) I love how it encourages us to nurture each other in important ways.

3) I love how Quantum-Touch helps me to see the spark of the Divine in everyone, no matter how badly they may have acted in their life.

4) I love that Quantum-Touch has made me a better person, more positive, more caring, a better steward of others.

5) I love that Quantum-Touch provides an easy and highly effective way to help heal old wounds, new wounds, traumas, and more.

6) I love how Quantum-Touch links us directly with Source.

7) I love how good I feel while running the energy, and how absolutely blessed and in awe I am at being able to do this work.

8) I love being someone who can show others the magic they have in their hands, and what to do with it.

9) I love that Quantum-Touch continues to grow and become even more powerful with techniques that are discovered daily.

10) I love how Quantum-Touch connects us to the world, encourages us to care for each other, the other practitioners, instructors, our world and our planet.

11) I love how Quantum-Touch honors the wisdom of the body to heal and to release.

12) I love how Quantum-Touch helps release and heal on so many levels and in ways we may never know.

13) I love how easy Quantum-Touch is to do - that we just follow the process, and trust.

14) I love the hope that is instilled in others to feel better every day, and to recover their lives.

15) I love how happy others are to see me, because they know I am willing to help in any way.

16) I love how positive things continue to happen in my life.

17) I love how doing Quantum-Touch makes me happy and that happiness spreads to others.

18) I love the vision of Quantum-Touch for world peace, for universal healing, for interconnection energy healing

19) I love how excited I get at the opportunity to help another using Quantum-Touch energy healing.

20) I love how easily Quantum-Touch is done, and as fast as thought, someone on the other side of the world, or the other side of the room, can be helped.

21) I love that there is an endless scope of maladies that can be helped with Quantum-Touch.

22) I love how people respond to me right away in a positive way, as I run the energy toward others frequently throughout the day.

Ruth Franzen
Toledo, OH, USA
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner

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