Expect A Miracle!

by Barbara Haines, Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner

After having studied many different forms of healing over several decades, to include becoming a Reiki Master, I knew there was still another level I could reach in my work. Yet I had no idea what that was or how to find it. One day, out of the blue, a friend of mine introduced me to Quantum-Touch, and I suddenly realized I’d discovered what I’d only been able to dream about: a way into the deepest possible levels of healing. However, I never suspected that I was going to be one of my own first clients!

One morning, shortly after completing my second Basic Workshop as a beginning student, I was kicked on the back of my left hand by a horse. The first photo shows what happened within moments of that kick: she caught me with the outside edge of her hoof and split open a long, deep wound that caused incredible tissue damage and swelling. You can also see the skin immediately started to discolor and bruise; there was blood everywhere!

Apparently nothing was broken, although I didn’t know that at the time due to the severe pain and swelling. Once I recovered from the shock of what had happened, I rushed into the house and ran some cold water over my hand, then patted it dry. Despite how gruesome it looked, my first thought was “Piece of cake! I can fix that!", and started running some energy into it.

Suddenly, I stopped and thought I’d better get a 'before' picture just in case. Moments later, when I resumed running energy, the pain disappeared and the profuse bleeding stopped-- in fact, I was able to comfortably type on my computer keyboard within an hour!

The next morning, I was stunned by how much the swelling had gone down and that my hand was completely pain-free. I’m one of those people who bruise when you look at them sideways, but I couldn’t find one speck of a bruise anywhere, even though I’d watched my hand begin to discolor very noticeably right after I was kicked. The open wound had rapidly started to heal, but was still quite deep and would split open and bleed during the next several days if I over-exerted it.

Everyone who saw me that first week kept telling me to see a doctor and get it stitched, but I was eager to put Quantum-Touch to the test and see how much it could do on its own. Also, I didn’t want to put my hand through the additional trauma of getting several shots of anesthetic to numb it, debriding the wound, then poking even more holes in it to stitch it together--I figured it had already suffered enough, and me along with it.

I ran a total of an hour of energy to it on the first day. After that I would give it a couple minutes whenever I thought about it, but just for the first week because there was no pain and it seemed to be healing very well. The only other thing I did was put antibiotic ointment on it (to keep it from sticking to the bandages), and use two Band-Aids ® to try and keep the edges of the wound pulled together as best I could— although that wasn’t very effective— and to avoid making my friends queasy when they looked at my hand!

One week after the incident, I still had some minor swelling on the knuckles closest to the wound, the deep cut had knitted together just dandy and the new skin was healthy and pink. I never experienced any bruising or infection (any idea what’s on the bottom of a horse’s hoof?) and I had 100% use of my hand. After one week, I discontinued all treatment, including bandaging, and let nature take its course.

At two weeks, I was in my third Basic Workshop and had two different sets of beginning Quantum-Touch classmates run first ten, and then fifteen minutes of energy into it, after which it began to feel very prickly and itchy. The following day, the old scab sloughed off. I still had a much wider and darker scar than what I’d hoped for, but that was the last of any treatment my hand received.

Two months later, there’s a very tiny amount of swelling between two knuckles (only visible when I make a fist), but no pain or tenderness. What I thought was going to be a huge scar is now pencil-thin, very light in color and, according to all the medical professionals who’ve seen it, looks as though it actually had been sutured the day it happened!

This healing was a critical experience for me. During its course I had begun to doubt that I was actually seeing what was taking place in my own body. I came to understand that part of the reason I took the “ before” photo was to prove to myself exactly what my hand looked like to begin with. I realized my own doubts about this healing would negatively impact its ability to continue, and I asked myself, ‘How much of a miracle am I willing to accept in my life?' I’d always claimed to be open to miracles, and now here was one taking place in my own body, but I was denying it!

Something had to change, and I decided it had to be my own ‘Miracle Quotient’ — I’d been ready to accept a little bit of a miracle, but not one this big! And, I had to be willing to accept not just this miracle, but many more. After all, wasn’t this the very level of healing I’d always been striving for? How could I expect my clients to experience a healing if I couldn’t? To mark this profound change in mind-set, I bought a silver cuff bracelet that says Expect Miracles, and I wear it every day.

Beginning with the first Quantum-Touch class I taught (yes, I’m now a Practitioner and about to be an Instructor!), I began the practice of gifting a Miracles bracelet to every one of my Quantum-Touch students as a reminder to each of them that we truly do live in a miracle-based universe. Our task with this work is to us to allow those miracles into our lives, and into the lives of everyone we touch.

© 2007 Barbara J. Haines

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