Self-Healing Muscle Cramps


I have been in bed many times and gotten a muscle cramp in my leg or foot. Instead of getting up and running energy, I lay as I am and ran the energy into my head and crown chakra and then back down through my body to the area that was in spasms. Every time I have tried that, it has worked really well. Actually, it worked just as well as the other times that I tried it by sitting up and running the energy right to the muscle with my hands. 

Muscle cramps are actually a really good thing to try, as you know your results immediately! I need to take a good amount of calcium/magnesium daily to keep from getting them, so if I ever forget them a couple days or run out, I usually need to run the energy.

It was amazing to me the first time it worked, because I've had them (leg/foot/toe cramps) my whole life and have always had to jump out of bed immediately and walk them off to get rid of them. The self-Quantum-Touch has worked really well for these cramps now when I get them.


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