Quantum-Touch, Angels and Orbs

Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment through Angels and Orbs, provides us with unique and important insights on our divine help from Above in my Quantum-Touch workshops and sessions. Some call them Spirit Orbs, or the "orb phenomenon" however, I call them the Energy and Essence of the vibration frequency we are asking for in our healing sessions.

I am a Quantum-Touch Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor and a Instructor Trainer for Level 1 and have a successful healing practice. I am also a communicator of Angels and Beings of Light, and have worked with the unseen for many years. It is no wonder, that they frequently show their divine presence in my Quantum-Touch workshops and sessions. Perhaps, it is because I specifically invite them to offer their loving assistance and the correct vibration frequency to transform the illness, dis-ease or disharmony that was presented.

To explain a little further about the presence of every Angel, Orb or Being of Light is a key to a specific energy. Some offer wisdom and knowledge, healing, love, enlightenment, and inspiring messages.  Others give you special Attunements, meaning they are bringing in a vibration frequency to assist in the transformation for the healing for the clients highest good.

In Quantum-Touch we teach, we are not the healer. We use life force energy and get out of the way, no judgment. Our work has unlimited possibilities, along with manifesting our dreams and desires. We continue to Sweep and Breath and chase the pain, using all Level 1 techniques to keep the vibration up and allow the healing to take place.

You may notice many things happening in your physical body and hands. It could be tingling, heat, cold, pressure along with your awareness of what is happening to your client.  Quantum-Touch Level 1 are profound techniques to raise your vibration, which allows you to open to higher Light frequencies of help from above. Aha, Interesting!

As part of my daily life, prayers, meditations, teachings and healing sessions, I am using Quantum-Touch or life force energy 24-7, along with my Angels, the energy and essences that keeps me healthy and happy.

Staying connected to Source energy and staying grounded is essential to manifest your dreams and desires. The Quantum-Touch Level 2 work teaches techniques of grounding and manifestation, which Richard Gordon received from Lazaris, an unseen being that he mentions in both, Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal and Quantum-Touch 2.0 - The New Human: Discovering and Becoming.

WOW, how Awesome! Yes that is right; an unseen Light Being gave Richardsome of the techniques we teach in Quantum-Touch.

The spiritual hierarchy has been indicating for some time that they would soon show themselves physically to humanity. Now they have done so!

The angels are connecting with us to be captured on camera. As a result, you can now see these Divine Beings of Light with your own eyes, if you can keep your vibration high enough or have a divine purpose to share the information you are receiving. In whatever circumstance or sense they come to you, they are present at all times. It could be a thought, sight, feeling, smelling or tasting but it is for certain as you do this work you will begin to heighten your higher sensory perception and intuitive skills. They are offering you tools for confidence, love, empowerment, spiritual expansion and hope, through Spiritual Enhancement and healing planting seeds to be blessed and nourished by our Love as Light-workers.

Carol Lee
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Rotonda West, FL, USA
Level 1, Level 2, Self Created Health, Supercharging Instructor
Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor Trainer


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