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I gave some long distance Quantum-Touch to a friend recently, who wrote about his experience.

Here is his story:

A few weeks ago, I contracted a staph infection on my foot. I don't know how I got it. The infection began innocuously enough, as a harmless looking pimple on the top of my foot.

Yet, within two days, this harmless looking pimple blossomed into a raging infection that was spreading so quickly that I could almost see it spreading moment by moment. Was this a flesh eating bacteria? I wondered nervously.

I went to the Urgent Care in Princeville, and they prescribed two powerful antibiotics, one for Staph and one for Strep. I began taking the antibiotics right away, but the infection raged on into the night, still violently active, like a tempestuous storm.

I watched "the show" like a spectator, sometimes divorcing myself from the bizarre, surreal battle happening at the top of my foot. "I am not my foot," I told myself. Yes, it was painful and I could feel the infection spreading throughout my bloodstream.

For days the infection raged on even as I felt the antibiotics beginning to take effect. I was to take the antibiotics for seven days. But, as things turned out, although the infection was alarming in itself, the side effects of the antibiotics were much worse.

Besides wreaking have with my gastrointestinal tract, my mind/body balance become badly disturbed. For a day or so, I lost track of time, and could barely function, physically or mentally, becoming divorced from "reality." I lost an entire night's sleep.

Finally, I was prepared to stop taking the drugs immediately, but I was advised strongly against doing that as the drugs, despite my reaction, were beginning to have an effect.

Around the 4th day, I was stymied, and it seemed my choices were limited as to how to deal with what was happening. It was at this point, a real low point, that I texted Kim Luchau, who was out of town at the time.

She responded immediately and begin doing long distance Quantum-Touch.

I don't know how many hours she was focusing in, but I know she must have invested a major energy focus around my situation. Mark, Kim’s husband, and Kim arrived on Kauai the following day and they both continued doing Quantum-Touch.

That night was another restless night, but I did get some sleep.

The following morning was particularly interesting. My antibiotic "fever" lessened considerably, and as the day wore on, I felt almost normal; this was around Day 5.

Although still uncomfortable, and though the infection still held on for some days more, my symptoms of severe unease and suffering abated considerably. I could actually eat again, and my symptoms of severe nausea (I had thrown up several times), lessened and then disappeared.

I was Okay!

The last three days of the antibiotic treatment was much better. I still did not like taking them at all, and my stomach still felt like it had been assaulted by poison, nonetheless, things were definitely much improved. I felt like myself again.

I finished the antibiotics with no more problems, and for the next few days, attended to the now waning infection, which had now receded into the great strange nothingness from where it had come.

For me I had no doubt, that my symptoms began to abate at the very time Kim and Mark began to apply their inner skills to bring forth the wonderful healing and balancing qualities of Quantum-Touch. Thank you Kim, Thank you Mark, and thank you Quantum-Touch!

Kim Luchau
Kauai, Hawaii, USA
Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Level 1, Level 2 and Self-Created Health Instructor
Level 1 Instructor Trainer 


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