Book Review by Unknown Magazine

Book Review by Unknown Magazine

Issue No. 5, Dec. 2000

Quantum Touch (The Power to Heal) by Richard Gordon, North Atlantic Books 209 pgs, softcover, $18.95

Quantum Touch represents a major breakthrough in the field of hands-on healing arts. This book presents a method of bodywork that may be utilized by anyone who has learned the technique, from complete novice to experienced professional healer.

Quantum-Touch utilizes special breathing and body focusing techniques that raise the healer's energy level to a point that healing can occur with a light touch of the healer's hands. Postural corrections, reduction of pain and inflammation, and even emotional releases can happen when the techniques are properly applied.

Although Quantum-Touch is clearly similar in some ways to the arts of Reiki and Therapeutic Touch, it is a separate art form, and one that requires no formal training or classes. The only requirements to learn and use Quantum-Touch include discipline, concentration, and willingness to practice energy-raising exercises and breathing techniques.

The book is divided into five sections: GETTING READY, which provides background and principles; TECHNIQUES, which covers energy exercises, answers to frequently-asked questions, and intermediate and advanced techniques; APPLICATIONS, which explains how to work on specific areas of the body, self healing, distant healing and animal healing; OTHER ESSENTIALS, which delves into Emotional Healing, nutrition and lifestyle healing, and miscellaneous "fun stuff;" and VISION, which presents the author's view of the future of energy healing/energy medicine.

This book is a great read, and allows any person, for the mere price of a book, to enter the fascinating and rewarding world of energy medicine. Quantum Touch is a must-read for anyone already trained in other energy disciplines; it complements, rather than competes with, related fields.

-Lisa Kinyon

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