The Art of Youthing

Level 1 Workshop

We all know that the body has the ability to rapidly heal itself with life-force energy. Those who have used Quantum-Touch for years have often reported a wide range of extraordinary phenomena that defy what doctors and scientists “know” to be possible. Practitioners have documented elevating dangerously low blood gas levels during surgery, reversing gangrene, spontaneously resetting bones after a break, and so much more…

Now, what if we raise the life-force energy far higher than we ever imagined? When that occurs, the possibilities become open ended.



We’ve learned that the life-force energy operates with intelligence far beyond our own understanding or imagination. I’ve now discovered a way to run energy five, or perhaps even ten times stronger than what I’ve ever taught or experienced in the past. When taken to these new heights, the healing continues on this most amazing and unique journey. This is uncharted territory and it truly opens up a whole new realm of possibilities.

The Art of Youthing requires that we work on all levels: the physical, the emotional, the intellectual and the spiritual. The benefits of this work are far reaching for your health, the ability to run energy, your longevity, and even Youthing.

I now realize that I’ve been working on this seminar for the last 40 years. I’m truly thrilled and honored to introduce this groundbreaking and astounding workshop for you. This may be my most exciting discovery to date.

Much love,
Richard Gordon
Author/Founder of Quantum-Touch

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About Quantum-Touch The Art of Youthing and What You Will Learn


Some of the Things You will Learn in the Art of Youthing Workshop

  • New energy techniques, including The Two Stage Rocket
  • Aligning to your deepest purpose. Essential to develop right motivation
  • Slow, Stop and Reverse cell damage
  • Preventing and repairing primary diseases of aging
  • Super skin care from inside out and outside in
  • Easy weight loss / eliminating obesity
  • Healing leaky gut and secrets of superior intestinal health
  • Preventing or ending food allergies
  • Reversing a wide spectrum of bone and joint issues
  • Cellular detoxification and Healing cells
  • Reprogramming your DNA and Mitochondrial DNA
  • Reducing and even reversing wrinkles
  • Optimizing sleep
  • Increasing your inner guidance and intuition
  • Changing core beliefs around aging
  • Creating a lifestyle changes gracefully
  • The ageless life-force nutrition, and creating a gradual easy transition
  • Internal cellular massage
  • Working with your future self
  • Why most vegans fail and how to be a vegan if you want to
  • Ageless beauty, and much much more

Important: The focus of the Art of Youthing Workshop is on life style including diet, cleansing and working with energy for the purpose of optimal health and raising your vibration. We do not focus on hands on healing work in this online training.


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