The amazing healing stories of Quantum-Touch!

Read stories from dozens of people that discovered how Quantum-Touch, through love, is the foundation of all healing and the core essence of the life-force.

A former Olympic weightlifter finally experiences real healing 10 years after a serious disk injury.

This may sound cliche but Quantum-Touch Level I was a gift to me in more ways than one. I thought I was getting involved for more personal healing, learning to offer self-healing to others, etc. with a set of circumstances and self-fulfilled solutions. Instead, I acquired the Quantum Touch factor that showed up in my everyday living experiences with humor and universal charm. It took me a while to put the pieces together. New avenues to connect showed up, where as I normally would have remained more reserved. I learned there was even more to express outside of my future practitioner expectations. 

I am blessed to be a part of the miracles of manifesting dreams (Quantum-Touch Level 2) and Energy Healing (Quantum-Touch Level 1) of so many souls who have been guided to these workshops. One of my clients Teresa was diagnosed with MS many years ago and has been in chair or scooter unable to walk on her own. Her vision, determination, positive thinking and connection 

Quantum-Touch is known for its simple, effective techniques that empower people and change their lives. Sometimes, it almost seems too simple to really grasp its profundity until you actually apply the work. Only then, do you experience the true depth and power of these healing techniques! This letter was written to me by one of my students who attended a Self Created Health workshop. This is truly groundbreaking work.

1) I love that anyone can do this work with astonishing results, right away. 2) I love how it encourages us to nurture each other in important ways. 3) I love how Quantum-Touch helps me to see the spark of the Divine in everyone, no matter how badly they may have acted in their life. 4) I love that Quantum-Touch has made me a better person

Back in April 2012, we began receiving letters from several women incarcerated at the Seattle Washington Federal Detention Center.  Each of them had begun receiving Quantum-Touch sessions from another female inmate in the prison and each of them had experienced miraculous healing! They were now requesting a copy of the Richards book Quantum-Touch: The Power to Heal to learn Quantum-Touch for themselves.

I am so grateful to come through on the page for you. You, the pathfinder to Quantum-Touch experiences, are in the process of receiving literal acknowledgments from a smiling universe. It is all perception, is it not? My beginnings with Quantum-Touch were incremental yet at the pace I needed to unfold with.  To some it would be perceived as successful and quick, to others; dated,  slow and coincidental. For a while, I behaved like a scared rabbit, regardless of having

I was doing the session in a room where I could see the ocean on one side and trees on another side. When I started the session, the client soon fell asleep. I continued to work on her and found as I did so, there was a point where I too became sleepy. Given that sleep was not an option for me at this moment, I thought about how I could go about further increasing my energy using what I had learned and given what I had

Saturday, two other Quantum-Touch healers and I went on a wilderness survival workshop in a remote state park. Ten miles away from any real road, one young man in the group had an allergic reaction to an herb we were handling for our rope-making lesson. We watched as he got a little sick and then a little pale and I said to Dorothy and Lori, "Let’s go!" I got to him first

In a groundbreaking new method of hands-on healing called Quantum-Touch, ordinary people can learn to focus and amplify the energy that naturally flows through their hands. Dr. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph. D., respected author, neurosurgeon and founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, writes

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love Quantum-Touch! Driving down my road a couple of weeks ago, I happened upon my neighbor and her children out for an evening stroll enjoying the lovely spring weather. Although, I was in a bit of a time crunch as I had to pick my daughter up, I stopped to say hello

I thought you would be interested in what happened for me. My grandson was to have two wisdom teeth out, plus one of his second teeth had grown along the gum and also had to come out. As soon as the operation was over, I started sending energy to help him heal while I was there to see him. The family lives some 500 miles away, so I continued with distance healing. After two weeks, my grandson

I wanted to share how I'm feeling since the Quantum-Touch Level 1 Workshop. I feel fabulous! My energy level has suddenly been restored - I scraped the ceiling in my bedroom closet and gave the whole closet two coats of paint this weekend. I started renovations on my bathrooms which meant loads of running around choosing materials, moving everything out of my closet and one bathroom

I read a great book over the December period, Do Less, Achieve More by Chin-Ning Chu. The following short story is offered in the introduction. Every chapter is built around this remarkable tale. I wanted to share this with you because there are many

On April 17, 2011, when I got home after my first Quantum-Touch Workshop with Bia de Castro Oliveira, I made a note to call a colleague who had been fighting for ten years in treating the after effects of a stroke. She is nearly paralyzed on one side and walks with a cane. She receives treatment in a big hospital in São Paulo, Brazil and physiotherapy. Lately, she has had a lot of pain in the good arm 

I do a daily morning 12 colors meditation for my immediate family, and that now includes my pets and my kids' pets (grand puppies and grand kitties because no grandchildren yet). I want to keep everyone in good health and good emotional and spiritual balance, even the animals. Last December, my 10-year old Siberian Husky, Mitsubishi, woke me up at about 2:30 AM with his labored breathing

Amazing developments are occurring in Texas. Over the last four years, I have watched students of Quantum-Touch blossom in ways I only dreamed might be possible. Charlotte and Michael, a married couple from Taiwan originally, are a wonderful example of the miracles that come from teaching this incredible energy-based healing modality. This couple went from being introduced to Quantum-Touch in May 2012 to participating in a very large holistic fair in Dallas, Texas in January 2013. Over the course of seven months, they found a new career path

Learning Level 2 concepts has given my demonstrations and Quantum-Touch practice a real boost. I now routinely adjust clients' sphenoid bones in treatment sessions and I adjust the sphenoid bones of whole groups of people when I give demonstrations. I was recently at a body-mind-spirit meet-up hosted by a psychic medium that can see energy clearly. After showing each of the 30+ people

As a Quantum-Touch level 2 Instructor, I sometimes join our students when they are exercising during a Quantum-Touch 2 workshop. I worked with one of the students with the 10 chakra "Essence and Energy" exercise. One of my biggest wishes was to study psychology. For years, I was trying to start. I could make time for it and I had the money to do it. There was even a special University for people like me, who couldn't study full time but I never started, withdrawn by all kinds of ideas, old trauma's etc.

The following story took place at work; a facility for handicapped youngsters. Ricky is spastic and vision-impaired as a result from brain-damage. He regularly suffers from epileptic “grand-mals.” In spite of this, he is usually cheerful and cooperative and trusting towards staff members. However, a number of new faces have appeared lately, wonderful for us, but overwhelming for a young man like Ricky

My Maltese named Scooby jumped off the couch, which he has done so many times in the seven years of his life. This time though, he must have injured his right front leg as he could not walk and was only bearing weight on his three other legs. The right front paw was lifted up. My husband and I called to him but he refused to walk and then when he tried, he could only manage a hop with his three good legs.

This is my story, but it is also, in part, Carol Lee's story. That is because Carol has been my Quantum-Touch Instructor and primary mentor. When I met Carol in 2009 and took my first Quantum-Touch video workshop, I was working in a very high stress job in a toxic environment and was also in relationship with a man who had cognitive disabilities and required significant attention and energy from me.

As a therapist, I have long understood the powers of the mind and emotions as tools in illness and in healing.  When someone would come to me for a Quantum-Touch session, after listening to them about what their troubling symptoms are, I would ask them, "Are you ready to feel better?"  I have long understood that answering yes to that question is a necessary step in the beginning of the release of traumas and illness. Chemical changes begin to occur in anticipation of a healing. 

Recently, I recognized a strong desire to move out of an old way of thinking and relating to a colleague. I decided to try using the Quantum-Touch Level 2 technique to let go of old beliefs. As I stood talking to my colleague, I began doing Level 2 work opening myself to the greatest potential of my relationship with her. To my amazement, the next day, this colleague called with an entirely new tone.

When my granddaughter was 11-years-old, I did Quantum-Touch on her and her brother for strep throat and swollen tonsils. (As a doctor, I also prescribed an antibiotic.) I explained what I was doing and Chelsea asked good questions and seemed interested.  Two years later, the grandkids were visiting and little brother hurt his shoulder and came to sis for energy healing.

Brownie is a 5 months old local dog who was paralyzed in his rear body. Ying Jeh picked him up and committed the adoption when he was less than 2 months old. She brought Brownie to see multiple veterinary professionals and veterinary acupuncturist in an attempt to get help in his paralyzed legs but they weren't of much help. A month ago, we were introduced to try to help him.

To date, we have found no limits to the power of Life-Force Energy and people try it on everything.  The outcome for each individual can never be predicted, but we do know that each body has its own power to heal itself and that Quantum-Touch can assist in accelerating the healing process. The Life-Force Energy is intelligent and often works in ways that surprise us. For example, you may be working on the eyes, yet an ear infection clears up.  The body directs the healing

I am currently using Quantum-Touch on my Uncle who has cancer and is not on any kind of treatment and actually, he was givin 6 months to live and this happens to be his 6th month. He is feeling better, has so much energy and is now involved in his community as a volunteer and also joined a bowling team. This is the same man who in September looked horrible and had so much trouble just getting out of bed

Several months ago, I blogged a story about the impact the words, "Your love is enough,"  had on one of my Quantum-Touch Level 1 students. I was so moved by her reaction that I asked her to put her thoughts into words for me to use in a future blog posting. Here is the response she recently sent to me. Dearest Betsy, First, I would like to thank you again for a wonderful Quantum-Touch Level 1 class experience. I so enjoyed learning these new tools. I also wanted to share with you a poignant moment I experienced in your class, as I will take it with me for the rest of my life

About 7 years or so past, we had a couple who were our neighbors.  They had several critters including a Yorkie Terrier. (Just an aside, my gal to me is on par with St. Francis of Assisi.)  I feel that ANY person, animal or baby that does not like him has issues. Anyway, our neighbors wanted us to baby sit their critters while they were off searching for living accommodations for school.  We were happy to do so but, we have one small issue; that issue being their terrier Dinky.  This dog wanted to rip my gal and I a new one anytime we came to the door. I pointed that out to our friends but, they said we were the only folks they trusted.

Ever since the first reports surfaced on the QT newsletter that it is possible to charge batteries with Quantum-Touch energy, I have been doing this with my truck battery. When temperatures drop down below -15 C in Canada, I run a little bit of Quantum-Touch energy into the battery just before I am going to start the vehicle. When temperatures are down to - 30 C, I run the energy a little bit longer.

I had a fun experience in one of my recent Quantum-Touch classes.

In my last class we took strawberries, cut them in half and each of us ran energy healing into one side. We set intentions of sweetening and having the strawberry reach its highest essence. We could each see the juices rising to the top and the color started turning deep red. The results were amazing!

The story below was written by my client. I thought it would only be fair if she was the one to tell her story.

In 2009 I suffered a miscarriage and had to go through retained curettage. I had to wait for the recuperation of my body for a next pregnancy. I was introduced to a form of hands on healing called Quantum-Touch and it has helped me a lot.

I just wanted to share a phenomenal experience I had utilizing QT and one of my beautiful trees. My daughter brought to my attention that one of the largest and most beautiful trees in my back yard appeared to be near-death, if not completely gone. Over the course of two weeks, unbeknownst to me, web worms had almost completely consumed this tree.

On Sunday 7th October Solar Events put on a Discovery Day in London for an auditorium full with over 150 people all wanting to further their careers and personal lives with the most cutting edge therapies available in the UK today.

This is a story that I thought should be told to the Quantum-Touch network since I feel that QT helped this lovely dog get to his family in South Africa.

In December of 2011, a German Shepherd came to stay with me while his family travelled to South Africa for a 3-year job opportunity. His blood work for Babesia, a protozoan parasite, came back positive and that meant that he could not travel with them. Believe me, they were heart broken when they learned the news that there is no conventional cure in Canada for The German Shepherd.

Two weeks ago, I participated in the Quantum-Touch II workshop from Yolande and Linda.  On the last day, when we were all sharing talents, we could request a gift

I asked to replace my fear of high speed, whenever I was out horseback riding, and give me full pleasure from the feeling of flying. (My first horse has been taking off with me for 10 years, without a possibility of a brake system.My new mare, is wonderful, and even faster, and she does have a brake system.

I borrowed a DVD from the library. I started to play it but it stopped working after about 10 minutes. I reloaded the DVD several times but it would always stop at the same time. I checked the back of the DVD. It had many scratches. I thought that perhaps it was too scratched up to work anymore. I decided to try energizing the DVD with basic QT energy. I tried three times but it still was not working.

As a psychotherapist, I have long been aware that thoughts, behaviors and attitudes have a profound and cumulative effect on the health--or lack of it--on the people I meet every day. As part of my working with clients with Quantum-Touch, I have had the practice of asking people if they are ready to feel better.  Their positive response begins to prepare their bodies for change.  I have always had clients imagine what it is like to be well, and to wear that feeling like a jacket for a few minutes

Every Saturday I go to English course class. It has been for 3 months. One of my English instructor is a guy who has (sorry) a something like difficulty in recalling the ideas which will be conveyed in the class so he often say's "..oh I forgot this...oh sorry I forgot that..." off course it's caused an inconvenience for himself and the students.

Last week, when the class was over, I offered to do Quantum-Touch on his temporal lobe and he is welcome, after long discussion on it. Then I began sending heart energy to both his temporal lobe for about 15 minutes or so.

I have just completed the basic online training and the best way to describe it is AMAZING and such a relief!

I am so glad I purchased the product. I am usually cautious of anything that is offered online. However, I can say that I am very glad that I trusted my instincts and took the course. The teaching is invaluable and I am using as much of it as I can, daily. Whether on myself, others or in distant healing on the present or the past.

In the Self Created Health workshop we learn how the body literally mirrors our emotions. The entire premise of Self Created Health is based upon our physical selves expressing what we have not allowed ourselves to express emotionally. Once we have expressed ourselves, fully, healthily, safely and transformed the situation into a state of higher consciousness “ love, then the physical condition no longer has a purpose and it disappears.

Hi Jennifer,

Last week I worked on my husband's knee using Quantum-Touch hands on healing techniques for about an hour and a half. It was amazing! The energy was racing through his knee. It felt to me that nerve endings (they felt like strands sort of worm-like) seeking their severed ends. After the energy was finished with most of the knee it began traveling down his leg to his ankle. He said it was very hot.

Recently I was reading a testimonial from Artis Sophia Salemo and her experience with Self Created Health.(small excerpt below) I was so moved by her testimonial that I decided to interview her today and share her interview with you!

Click Here To Download The Interview

Hi Richard,

I always wanted to be a healer, to help relieve the pain and traumas others were experiences, and when I finally learned about Quantum-Touch, I knew I'd found my life's work. QT blends very nicely with the other techniques I'd learned, mostly on my own--and makes the work I do much more powerful and lasting!  However I employ QT techniques, a positive effect results, often in ways that continue to astonish me.

Hi Jennifer, Richard, and Eve-thanks again for offering this awesome workshop, Self Created Health. As we have previously discussed by e-mail, I wont be able to attend the Saturday workshop live due to a prior commitment away from my home. However, if it is appropriate, I would like to offer some comments/input now and you are welcome to share it with the group tomorrow.


The purpose of this dissertation is to investigate, through the use of human subjects, whether Quantum-Touch has an impact on chronic musculoskeletal pain and whether this relatively new non-invasive holistic healing modality may be used as an intervention to address chronic pain. This pilot study, experimental in nature, is a collaborative effort with a medical doctor, the second investigator, who specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Today I spoke with a friend on the phone who was crying. She said her day had been very difficult. Her tears were so overwhelming that I could not understand anything she said other than she was very upset. As I listened I began running Level 2 energy work towards her. Her baby who was in her arms immediately began laughing hysterically. The mom was so taken by this sudden outburst of joy in her child that she too began laughing. So simple, so powerful, and so effective.

This is one of my experiences with QT soon after I had done the basic QT level I in Singapore in June 2008.

I received news that my adopted father, who was in his 90s, had suffered a stroke. My adopted father belonged to a small indigenous tribe in Sarawak (a state of Malaysia on the island of Borneo), in a remote and mountainous area served by a couple of morning flights by small aircraft to the city of Miri, where the nearest hospital is. They are off the grid for power and telecommunication.

Hi there,

I have recently done a Quantum-Touch Level I Workshop¦ WOW what an experience!!!!!! I am currently furthering my studies to become a Quantum practitioner. Having worked at and with animals at a veterinary clinic for 8 years, I found that I have an absolute passion for animals. Having completed my studies in animal nutrition and behaviors, I found that more and more people are leaning towards hands on healing and feeding. After having gone through a whole lot of experiences in life that at first did not make any sense to me I read up on hands on healing and how animals could communicate with people

When I first started out in this field people would ask What is it that you do?  I would proceed to give a lengthy overview of all of my credentials and I would in return get back this blank stare.  Life and experience have a way of changing things and now when the question is asked, I just simply state  I help people heal themselves.

I have this large array of tools and there is something for nearly everyone.  One of the tools I have a great passion for and the one I incorporate the most is a hands on healing modality developed by Richard Gordon called Quantum-Touch.

I had an affirming experience in my yoga class this week.  A lady overstretched her back doing one of the poses and was on her mat in agony and couldn't get up. After the class, I offered her Quantum-Touch and gave her hands on healing energy for about 10 minutes while she lay on her side on the floor.  I could feel where the injury was on her back (I call it an energy ridge) and ran a lot of energy in that area.  I would have given her more hands on healing but the next class was starting and I asked if I she thought I could pull her up or if she needed additional assistance.

I started a Quantum-Touch Hands on Healing Circle group in Victoria about a year and a half ago with one of the objectives being that it would be a place where persons who had been a student in any QT Level I workshop could practice their skills, receive feedback from others, and receive energy as well. Within weeks of the Healing Circle starting, I started to receive requests from non- experienced QT people to attend the HC, as did other HC participants. I explained that the HC is for persons who have some QT training, and that it is not a venue for QT to be taught. However, the HC soon became an event where one of us HC "members" could invite a "guest', who would receive

On July 2nd of this year my daughter, Julie,  fell and landed on her wrist, breaking it.

We were told that it was most likely a Distal Radius Fracture which can take over a year to completely heal.  As I have no insurance she was told to just keep it still.

Hi guys!  Just a quick word, as I am very new at this. I was so pleased when I was able to apply the hands on healing I learned with Quantum-Touch.

We were away in the caravan for a few weeks and became friends with a very nice guy about 37. He came to our camp one night intoxicated with drugs and alcohol.  He was in a bad way, yelling about his childhood and his life as it is now full of bad memories. One of our guys took him back to his hut, they were gone for a long time, so I went over to see if both were ok.

Do you have a natural draw towards helping others? If so, you might be interested to learn that a broad range of training is available throughout the world in natural healing courses. Natural healing courses are worth considering as an alternative to pursuing a full medical degree or university level health qualification. There are numerous ways to foster your natural healing abilities without having to invest years in study. Quantum-Touch is among one of the most effective natural healing courses for cultivating your compassion and empathy towards others, and expressing these qualities in a proactive way.

The importance of intuition to a Quantum-Touch practitioner cannot be overemphasized. Intuition is our connection between the Divine at the spiritual level and our subconscious mind on the physical level.

I discovered years ago that running energy into very tart fruit juice (such as unsweetened grapefruit) demonstrates the effectiveness of Quantum Touch in a powerful way. I use this in my demonstrations and lectures, and when teaching the Live Level 1 class in Hawaii, I have student's practice this for themselves.

Ever since I discovered the power of energy healing, I have been on the lookout for books that explain how it works. While Quantum-Touch provides superb and effective techniques for using energy to heal ourselves and others, I wanted to know more specifically how this energy stimulates the body to heal itself.

So when Ivibrational medicine found a book called Vibrational Medicine”The #1 Handbook of Subtle Energy Therapies by Richard Gerber, M.D., I knew I had finally found something with answers to my questions. This book explores the etheric body and pulls together research studies with scientific evidence to substantiate the existence of an extended subtle-energy anatomy (p. 23).

Dear Quantum Touch

I know this is long, but please bear with me.

I am a Registered Nurse from Houston, Texas. A few weeks ago I became interesting in trying to heal someone using only my hands. I'm a huge skeptic, but try to keep an open mind.  I did a web search for hands on healing and found your site. I bought your book, Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon. I found he made a lot of bold claim. But still I kept an open mind.

Across the board one of the most common questions we get is: "Will Quantum-Touch Heal My Condition?" This video answers that question and gives a basic introduction to the Quantum-Touch Energy Healing Principles!

1.Energy Healing is about sharing Love: As you will discover, energy healing is based upon opening the heart and is a wonderful way to share your love.

2.Healing works through Resonance & Entrainment: The practioner uses specific breathing and body awarness techniques

When Quantum-Touch asked me to be one of their website bloggers, my initial reaction was panic. Although I spent over 40 years as a professional communicator in the corporate world, I retired at a time when email and websites were all we had. Social media and instant communication became routine after I retired, so the learning curve just seemed like it would be too steep. My years of practicing as well as briefly teaching mass communications seemed like poor preparation for this new electronic age.

Having done the Basic (Level I) Quantum-Touch and Supercharging workshops via video, the live Core Transformation workshop was so fulfilling I thought that was it for me. Id previously trained in several other healing techniques (Omega, Reiki, ARCH, and Huna); but when I learned to do QT, that quickly became my very favorite form of healing energy¦and with Core Transformation I thought Id finally reached the pinnacle. But this new workshop (Level II) sounds amazing, and I now realize there IS no end to learning.

I believe everyone is a healer because each body can only heal itself. We cannot heal anyone else.  However, we can send life-force energy to other people for their bodies to use to heal themselves, which is what I do when using Quantum-Touch.  As I facilitate the space for healing, I have no control over how others bodies use the energy I send.  I simply trust that their bodies know the best way to use it.

Many people have reported significant improvements for a wide variety of conditions using Quantum-Touch techniques. To learn if Quantum-Touch may help you with your condition please watch this video.

So here is my testimonial. On l7/4/2011 after I got home from my first Quantum-Touch Level I workshop with Bia de Castro Oliveira (picture on the left), I felt compelled to call a colleague who has been fighting the after effects of a stroke for 10 years. She has one side nearly paralyzed and walks with a cane. She was receiving treatment in a big Hospital in São Paulo, Brazil (applications of Botox in the arm and leg, and care for her heart and hypertension etc.) and physiotherapy.

With energy healing gaining momentum and wider mainstream acceptance, parents are being offered new and previously unheard of opportunities to learn invaluable hands on skills to effectively make a difference when their child is in pain.

Seeing a child in any kind of pain is always difficult for any adult to see, and when it is your own child there is nothing more frustrating than feeling powerless and unable

Oftentimes, we do not seek to change patterns of behavior until our physical body reflects dis-ease. During the Self Created Health workshop, Richard Gordon has shared the insight that these emotional patterns can also manifest in our relationships and in our success, as well as physically. If you look at your life, where do you see room for improvement? Do you have chronic financial difficulty?

Tori had given us permission to do a distance healing session for her. She was living in British Columbia, Canada at the time, Rick and I in Colorado Springs. I explained that it might not help, but she agreed it was worth a try. At 9:00 her time the following morning, Rick and I began to run energy for 45 minutes.

My 15 year old son was bitten on his face by a dog. The first two days we had checkups in the hospital and it seemed to be healing alright. On day three the doctor started to be very worried, obviously a severe inflammation was going on. Instead of just cleaning the wound, the doctor asked him if he could be a hero for him and allow him to cut deep in the wound without anesthesia (to protect his system) in order to clean it again. He agreed. I held his legs while I was running energy like crazy.

Recently, I gave a Basic class, taking John McKimmey with me to assist. John is the student who does miraculous work, ie: straightening an elderly woman's scoliosis in 10 minutes, and treating her arthritic fingers, so she could work again in 20 minutes. He also did distance work on Sister Ellen, a nun who had a breast tumor, so that when they operated, the day after his distance treatment, the tumor was gone.

The other night one of my cats suddenly started falling over and then "flipping" her body around. In retrospect I now realize that she was merely trying to "right" herself because she couldn't stand up at all. Then I noticed that her eyes were going back and forth horizontally, very very fast, and that was the cause of her dizziness. She started vomiting. She started crying. I didn't know what to do and it was after-hours at the Vets, so I ran energy.


I have several chickens. One of them, "Buck-buck", is very old. I haven't gotten any eggs from her for about 2 months now and for a while before that, her eggshells were always paper-thin and would break easily. This week she was obviously ailing. She had diarrhea and was unable to go up to her perch at night. I would have to pick her up and

I have only read the book and am scheduled for the workshop in 2 weeks.

Yesterday I was in an adult forum at church. My pastor was explaining to the group about a controversial topic which has come to the attention of the national church governing body. He had just completed one group session on this and we had fewer people at the 2nd session. My pastor is very good at handling tough situations.


2 years ago, I developed a new mineral balancing product and started using it. My right ankle was locked since the age of 14 (I am 65) as the healing of tuberculosis which usually results in fusing the many ankle bones together. The mineralizer unlocked the ankle bones and they would click as they tumbled over each other at random because the ankle muscles did not know anymore how they are supposed to drive all these bones when walking. Each click would send a pain through the ankle.

I have a great story using QT. I have taken two basic classes with Dr. John Kennedy and the supercharging workshop with Alain Herriot. A few days ago I had the unique opportunity to use QT at a home birth. Just the mother, father, one friend and I were there. I arrived when she was in transition. I immediately started to run the energy as much as I could.

I've worked with a few people who had headaches.

One was a lady who I knew and met outside a restaurant one Friday morning. When I asked her how she was honest enough to say that she had a terrible headache and could barely function. She had taken 3 tylenol with codeine about an hour before and they had not touched it. So I offered

I was giving a Quantum Touch Level 1 Workshop, and a student measured another one’s hips, we noticed that they were not aligned, the right one was 1 inch higher. The student runned energy and after a couple of minutes the hips were aligned.

After some time, as an exercice, the hips were measured again and were back to square 1, one inch. As the intention at that moment was just to establish a protocol , we moved on.

Session #1 9/7/10 (10:30pm - 11:00pm)

This is the start of our QT Healing Sessions and I am keeping a diary because we have friends interested in following our QT journey and they can come here to read about our daily progress. Also other beginners like us, especially those who have loved ones with cancer, may be encouraged by reading our story of faith in Love's healing power.

This evening Hiro asked me for his first QT session. I have been reading about QT for one week

Last week I had a past-life session with a client. Although according to her complains, it was clear for me that non-own energies (= entity/spirit attachments) were present, I decided to have a standard past-life session with her (bringing her back into a previous life/event).

I let her lie down on the bed and started with the induction...... since the beginning of the process she became quiet and did not respond

After only a couple sessions using Quantum-Touch on one of my clients her Doctor wrote this powerful & credible testimonial !!! You have to read this!!!

Ione Dragunas found out in 1999 that she had a benign tumor in the bone in her right arm. That year she had a surgery to remove the tumor and part of the bone. After the surgery she started to have some pain and it started to become chronic. One year later she perceived that her arm had shrink and she went to the surgeon that told her that he didn't do anything to cause that to happen. He said that she should start a heavy treatment in physiotherapy and so she did it for years.

During a Quantum-Touch workshop, one of the segments which most participants even the most open and pro-QT find it challenging to believe or to truly trust in the process is that of distance healing. I completely understand how they feel. I too was skeptical when I attended my first workshop in 2005. In the months following the QT workshop, I preferred to do my sessions face-to-face because I believed at that time, that it was more effective.

by Huang Bingjie

Certified QT Practitioner, Singapore

I’ve just witnessed a mini QT miracle at the office, after doing a short 15 min-QT session on my colleague. She’s got quite a seriously misaligned back, with a distinctively bigger bulge @ her right shoulder blade.

I was introduced to Energy Medicine in 2006, but didn’t have a lot of faith in it because it never seemed to do anything for me. That changed in 2008 when I actually ‘felt’ a positive, long-lasting reaction from a session. I became a ‘true believer’ that Fall, when I attended a conference, at the Association of Research & Enlightenment (ARE) in Virginia Beach. Part of that conference was an introduction to Quantum-Touch by Richard Gordon.

Since then, I have had formal training in Quantum-Touch and Healing Touch for Animals. I’ve read books on Quantum-Touch

Kokopelli is the name of our eleven-year-old miniature Beagle. She has a sweet disposition, is a tireless walker (we’ve done 60 mile backpacking trips together), a terrific traveler and a wonderful companion. Wherever my wife and I go, the dog goes with us. When we travel from Philadelphia to our second home in New Mexico, Koko and I drive the 3,670 mile-round trip while my wife, Karen, owing to her business, flies back and forth from the Philadelphia area. In general, Koko has been a real blessing to both me and Karen. As always, a trial or two comes along with the blessings. A few years ago, the Beagle was diagnosed with cancer and that was when she was first introduced to Quantum-Touch.

On morning, about a week ago, I noticed that the lid on one of my aquariums had been left open and one of the fish had jumped out and was lying partially dried up and seemingly dead on the floor.

With a heavy heart I picked up the fish and started to rinse it off in preparations for freezing and later burial. The fish moved just a bit and I realized that perhaps it was not dead after all. I put the fish into a breeding box in another aquarium, held it cupped in my hand and used an eye-dropper to gently squirt water into its mouth and past its gills. At the same time I ran QT into the fish.

I did a test on two roses which I had bought on the same day. I ran energy into the left side of the rose for ten minutes on the first day. Pictures speak a thousand words. As you can see from the pictures below, the energized rose bloomed faster and lasted longer than the rose on the right. It’s amazing that even though the energized rose started to withered, the color of the petals still remains fresh.

A woman not from around here was extremely distraught and, in fact, suicidal when she came to see me at 10 o’ clock one night. This was to be my first “crisis intervention” QT session.

When I asked, “What’ s going on?”, she immediately began crying uncontrollably. The parent in me automatically embraced her with a therapeutic hug, while running energy through my entire body into hers.

Midori Minamiyama, a certified QT Instructor, sent us this photo of her grandson, aged three, helping out his ailing great-grandfather with Core Transformation techniques. He learned to run energy about six months ago.

My 3 grandchildren, ages 5, 11 and 13 were visiting and had just gotten out of our spa in the back yard. The 5 year old called excitedly to the other two to look on the ground and there were two young humming birds lying on the ground motionless!

The 11 year old said, "Grandma, they are out of energy!" He seemed very sure of this, so next thing we did was gently pick them up and place their long tiny beaks into some sugar water in a saucer. You could actually see them syphoning the water!

I just wanted to share a phenomenal experience I had utilizing QT and one of my beautiful trees. My daughter brought to my attention that one of the largest and most beautiful trees in my back yard appeared to be near death, if not completely gone. Over the course of two weeks, unbeknownst to me, web worms had almost completely consumed this tree. It really is special to me, as one limb holds a swing which will hold an adult, while another branch supports a baby swing.

(In our June 27th Newsletter, we introduced you to Boo, a lovely cat with several health issues, who was given to Karen Stock of Winnipeg, Canada to take care of for a month. Boo later claimed Karen for her very own, and they have been living together ever since.)

In our original story, we stated that Boo was 22 years old and Karen recently wrote to us to advise that the original owner had miscommunicated Boo’s birth date, and that Boo is in fact, 19 years old. And like Karen, we still feel that 19 is a ‘good old age for a cat!’

Friends or family members visiting their loved ones at the Singapore's Changi General Hospital (CGH) last Sunday would have been puzzled by the laughter emanating from one of their rooms. Laughter isn't an emotion commonly associated with a hospital...

My name is Ria Fulton-ten Brinke and I am from the Netherlands and have an Energy Healing practice in Arnhem, (A Bridge Too Far). I shuttle between the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia, where my husband works.

Between the 25th and the 27th of November 2007, I had the honor of facilitating the first QT Video Workshop in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I had a total of seventeen participants and these enlightened ladies, predominately from the middle-east

Contribution to the January 2008 Newsletter

Contribució n al Boletí n de enero 2008 (version en Castellañ o debajo de la version en inglé s)

Our Group of Quantum-Touch Enthusiasts

The Story

Vinaró s is a precious cozy coastal town between Valencia and Barcelona in Spain, with a beautiful beach in front.

Just over one year ago I had to rush my now, 10-year-old Appaloosa gelding, Lucky, to the NC State Veterinary hospital in Raleigh, NC.  He had suffered a severe injury to his right shoulder resulting in nerve damage and eventually muscle atrophy. The major muscle in his shoulder was not receiving the signal from the nerve to tell it to contract and hold the shoulder blade in place. Therefore, as he would put weight on his right leg, his shoulder would separate from his body and come out to the side. This condition is known as a Shoulder Sweeney.

Monday night we had a practical demonstration of the effectiveness of QT at home. My husband, Lew, was getting dinner out of the oven. Somehow in the process, he accidentally grabbed the metal rack with his bare hand. He instantly pulled his hand away leaving skin from the fingertips stuck to the hot rack.

I heard all this and flew into the kitchen. We keep pure lavender spray in the fridge for burns, so first thing, I sprayed that on the burns. Then I slathered Vita Fons II (ointment) on it. Then he shook his hand over his head as our acupressurist has suggested for such problems.

(The actual name of the prisoners and of the prison are being withheld for legal reasons)

Thank you for donating the Quantum Touch video workshop and several Quantum-Touch books to a prison on the East Coast.

Between eight to twelve men, all long-term prisoners, have been attending three-hour sessions once a week. We watch short segments of the video followed by a discussion of the men's experience, both as clients and practitioners (holders of the healing space). We have had impressive results including dissipation of elbow, shoulder, and sciatica pains.

Which Sprouts Received More Love?

Richard talks of our love having value and impact - well, it's good sometimes to actually see that impact. It helps to understand it's really true!

I've done an experiment with wheat seeds. I picked out 25 for each tub, used one as the 'control' and left it to sprout unaided.

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