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How Quickly Will People Heal?

How Quickly Will People Heal?

by Richard Austin

How quickly a person heals is due in part to variables we do not control. Simply offer the Quantum-Touch healing and allow their system to do its best. Here are some of the variables that determine healing:

  • Nutritional needs (does their body have the resources?)
  • Willingness to heal (on the surface it's always "yes," but underneath?)
  • Time (some things take time, such as tissue growth)
  • Toxicity or Congestion in the body (definitely hampers healing)
  • Severity (intense or severe conditions won't always heal quickly)
  • Emotions and Mental framesets that resist healing

Sometimes people keep a condition because they haven't learned what they needed to learn from it. All conditions we experience in life have the potential to provide lessons for us. This is especially true of disease, illness, injury, emotional upset, etc. Often a person's condition is just a wake-up call for them to pay attention to their life. Did they get the message? If not, they may hold on to the condition until the whole process is complete.

We cannot force people to heal and we are not responsible if they don't heal as rapidly as we would like. Many things can be going on.


  • Something else, even more critical, may be getting healed instead of the obvious thing we are working on. This happens all the time.
  • The underlying cause may be emotional, and the person resists moving through the emotion.
  • The client is the real healer and their ability to heal depends significantly upon allowing themselves to heal. Some people don't always allow a healing if they feel that they "deserve" the condition. It's possible to resist healing if it goes against a mindset. In this case, the mental framework needs to be adjusted also.
  • People heal as quickly as the sum total of forces allows.
You can think of all conditions as a balance of forces either regenerative or degenerative. These forces act on 5 levels: Physical, Energetic (aura, meridians, charkas, etc.), Emotional, Mental, and their connection to or separation from Pure Spirit or Consciousness. The more regenerative forces and the fewer the degenerative forces, the faster the healing.

As you enter the world of healing, you begin to see that you can help even more by sensing deficiencies in nutrition, energy deficiencies, emotional attitudes, mental framesets, and degree of spiritual attunement your client has. You can take specialized training to learn these things if you feel drawn to do so. The great thing about Quantum-Touch is that you don't really need anything else to create remarkable healing, but if you have additional knowledge in these areas and are qualified to offer it, it sometimes can help.

If it's appropriate to your skills, training, and certifications, in the healing session, you may find it appropriate to suggest ways to help your client free themselves of the obstacles you sense are counterproductive to their healing. Often simply getting the client into a greater state of "allowing" is all that is needed to help things along.

One of the nice things about Quantum-Touch is that it breaks through so many barriers without the need for specialized education. You don't have to know everything or be clever. Simply run the energy and into a very simple love space. That's enough to create remarkable healing in most cases, and it's the best thing you can do from your side. The rest depends on the factors over which we do not have direct control.

Richard Austin
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