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Helping a Massage Therapist with Acute Hand Pain

By Pat Wyckoff

One morning recently, a client texted me that she was having some issues with pain in her right hand. As she is a massage therapist, this was going to make for a long and painful day. With her knowledge of anatomy and where she was feeling the pain, she asked me to work on her ulnar nerve. She sensed that the nerve was trapped in the cubital tunnel in her elbow.

I couldn’t work on her immediately, but I set my intention to do so as soon as possible, and sent her some energy to tide her over. It was about two hours before I was able to work on her.

As I began sending the energy, I felt a strong flow going into both of her hands, up her arms, into her neck and down her spine. It then wrapped around her rib cage, down her legs and grounded her. Wave after wave of energy flowed in this pattern. Through help from Above, I sensed her arms and especially her elbows were wrapped in energetic bandages, and her ulnar nerve seemed to be swollen in her elbows. I focused on sending cooling and soothing energy to her elbows and the nerve.

After I finished, I sent her a text letting her know what I had experienced.

A couple of hours later, she responded to me saying she had just completed about four and a half hours of massage work. To quote her, she was “able to do it with ease.” I was so excited to hear this from her. Not only did she receive the help she needed right away, but it is proof positive that the energy follows our intention. Quantum-Touch is such an amazing modality!


Pat Wyckoff

Quantum-Touch Practitioner
Colorado, United States 

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