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A Whole New World of Possibilities

By Sue Rigby


Quantum-Touch brings a whole new world of opportunities into being. Each new workshop and every client bring learning experiences and open our eyes to the possible. The only limits to possibilities are those we place upon ourselves. Until we try to exceed those limits we remain shuttered in a world defined by the beliefs of others. 

Richard Gordon states that, "Reality is an illusion.” That has been brought home to me by two experiences. I was lying on a bed, looking up at the ceiling, and the ceiling height lowered while the head of the person standing over me appeared to go right up into the ceiling.

In the second experience, I was working with a client. As I held my client’s head, his body disappeared! I am used to unexpected experiences with Quantum-Touch but this was a first for me. I asked to be shown his essence and a flickering flame of various colours appeared in place where I would have expected to see his body. When we talked about this after our session, he told me that during this session he “saw” me as a blue and grey presence filled with colours. A whole new experience for both of us.

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to offer Quantum-Touch sample sessions at a well-being event. I was also invited to give a talk and chose to talk about Quantum-Touch and The Secret Nature of Matter, Richard’s book. I planned a number of experiments taken from the book and they were embraced enthusiastically by the audience. They joined in, measured each other’s occipital ridge, before and after experiments, and saw the reality of spontaneous postural alignment.There were questions about how this can be possible and even more interestingly, what else could be possible.

When we think about this more and how conscious intent can have this effect on matter: on objects, liquids and people for example, it fills me with excitement. In the Level 1 Workshop, students learn about postural alignment during the first morning. We learn many techniques to support the Inner Healer in bringing about healing. We look at manifestation and distance healing too. Supercharging leads us into deeper communication with the physical and non-physical aspects of ourselves, enabling us to connect more deeply with clients, ourselves and the world around us. New ways of manifestation are taught. Level 2 is the next step where our eyes are opened to yet more possibilities and a truly deep connection to love. We discover the joy that an attitude of gratitude and love can bring. We see that there is always so much more to experience.

My journey of twelve years feels as though it is just beginning and I invite you to take the first steps on your Quantum-Touch journey and discover just how much may be possible.

Sue Rigby

Quantum-Touch Practitioner
L1, L2, SG Instructor
United Kingdom

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