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The Heart and Essence of Running Energy

The Heart and Essence of Running Energy

by Richard Gordon, Founder of Quantum-Touch

The heart and essence of running energy is that of giving love.  By this I mean that we can enter a place within ourselves that has no judgment or fear; a place where you simply wish to give, and to care, and to help, and to embrace, so as to allow the miracles of healing to occur.

This is a place where time stands still, where you touch your own soul and feel that you are touched and forever changed by your soul.  This requires no special gift, but comes naturally to each person who sincerely chooses to give.

Practicing Quantum-Touch can provide an easy entry point to vividly come back to that soul place within, and thus it becomes a healing to you, the giver.  From the outside, one appears to be giving and another appears to be receiving; yet both simultaneously receive healing as best we can allow.  The healer as always is the one who was sick and got well.

There is no need to stroke the ego with titles, levels, or badges of mastery to acknowledge our angelic identity. Our love needs only to celebrate the flow of the moment.  The joy in the giving and receiving is clearly reward enough.  The act of receiving and giving is truly a blessing to all.

With much love,

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