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Quantum-Touch and Athletic Performance

Quantum-Touch has the ability to turn regular people into athletes and athletes into gold medal winners, almost instantly, using tried and true techniques for healing.  Read on and explore what the world will be like in the era of the Quantum Athlete of the 21st century.

What will the athletes of the 21st century achieve and what new techniques will they employ to take them beyond all former records?  I suppose a more appropriate question would be to ask is, what method are you going to take from the 21st century Quantum Athlete?

Have you ever tried a weight loss supplement, changed your diet or bought into the latest exercise fad?  If you did, thank our athletes, because they probably used the exact same methods first to get an edge on the competition.  Would you be surprised to know athletes are using Quantum-Touch to increase their performance?

Quantum-Touch has a very remarkable vision not only for the athlete of the future but for everyone.  I personally visualize coaches, athletes, team members and everyone engaging in a program of exercise using Quantum Touch not only to enhance their performance immediately, but to increase their ability to recover as well!

This is no longer presumption or speculation; Quantum-Touch has both a university study from UCSC and an awesome video of athletes performing incredible strength feats after Richard Gordon, founder of Quantum-Touch, runs energy into their affected muscles.  I can personally attest to the phenomenal power of this, as I am one of those athletes who broke numerous personal records during that time.

My name is Robert McKee and I have studied the effects of Quantum-Touch and exercise on many different people including professional athletes, stroke victims and the very sedentary.  Every person I have tested shows a 20 to 40% increase in maximal strength (the ability to lift a heavy weight once) and strength endurance (the ability to lift a sub-maximal weight numerous times). Let me explain what this means in real life terms.  My personal best on a free weight leg press machine was 1800 pounds for 12 repetitions. After having Richard run energy on my thighs I leg pressed 2400 pounds for 16 repetitions.  That is a difference of over 16,000 pounds of weight lifted from one set to the next.

Quantum-Touch Research

The following is an examination of the effects Quantum-Touch has on flexibility, speed, explosiveness, absolute strength, muscular endurance, recovery from injury, mental focus, quality of movement/form, reaction time, recovery from mental, physical and muscular focus.

Kevin, age 62 - 12/28/06: I observed that Kevin had poor lower back strength compounded by severe kyphosis which prevented him from maintaining a flat back during straight leg dead lifts. I decided to run energy into his spinal erectors in the low back and on the area of kyphosis in his thoracic region.  I did not tell him what I intended to do, I only asked him if I could place my hands on his back. He then performed another set. This time we (His wife Carol, Kevin and myself) observed a dramatic increase in flexibility, lower back strength and that his form got better. Being a medical doctor and scientist, he is very skeptical and empirical. Kevin remarked that during the first set his back began to spasm, and after receiving Quantum Touch he felt stronger and his back did not spasm.

Phyllis, age 44 - 12/30/06: Phyllis performed 14 sit-ups with a 20lb medicine ball prior to receiving QT. After approx. 2 minutes of Quantum-Touch on her upper arms and abs, she did 20 sit-ups this time without swinging her legs for momentum.  Keeping the legs straight dramatically increases the difficulty of this exercise.  Phyllis then performed 3 tough sets of leg exercises back to back. I then performed 2-3 minutes of QT on her left leg. She found that her endurance and recovery increased dramatically on the left side. Phyllis remarked that she felt muscle tension go away after the session. After the session I asked her to perform a set of jump squats. Phyllis performed 3 jumps, stopped and begged me to do her other leg.

Nadine, age 38 - 1/2/07: Nadines previous max was a set of 3-5 reps with 50 pounds on an incline dumbbell press exercise. After approx. 2-3 minutes of QT on her chest and shoulders she performed 2 sets of 6-8 reps with 50 pounds.

Robert, age 64 - 1/2/07: Robert performed a max of 30 squats with 2 15 pound dumbbells. After doing 2-3 minutes of QT on his lower back, thoracic region and left knee he was able to perform 40 reps in better form than in the first max set. He remarked that he felt better recovery in the treated thigh and that he was not making this up. This was observed by his wife Carol and I.

Carol, age 62 - 1/2/07: Carol was able to perform 15 full push-ups, which is quite commendable for a woman her age who recently suffered from depression and serious physical ailments. After receiving QT in her chest and shoulders for approx. 2-3 minutes she performed 20 full push-ups!  Her form was perfect until the last 2 or 3 reps when her back bowed slightly.

Andrea, age - 46 1/3/07: Andrea suffered a severe motorcycle accident in her 20s which almost led to the amputation of her left leg.  Today her left knee joint bends only to a 90 degree angle. She experiences pain and weakness in the left leg as well. She could not perform a one leg bodyweight squat on her left leg prior to being treated with QT. After 3-5 minutes of QT work on her left knee and lower quad, she was able to perform 6 reps in decent form.

Dina, age 40 - 1/3/07: Dina showed a remarkable strength increase during glute, ham, calf raises after receiving QT with one hand on each hamstring. Prior to QT she could not control her descent. After QT she was able to hold herself isometrically at the mid-point of the last rep of this exercise. This shows an extreme increase in isometric strength as this is one of the most difficult exercises for the human form because of leverage disadvantage.

What is the training effect and how does Quantum-Touch work?

How does Quantum-Touch work then, to make us stronger, give us better endurance, power, recovery and overall health? To answer this, first lets look at the effect of training on the body.

Essentially, when the body is stressed through exercise it is sustaining a form of injury ranging from the microscopic muscle tear, inflammation or swelling to metabolic waste overload. Quantum-Touch is at its heart a healing modality and therefore exerts a measurable healing effect on the muscles during training in addition to possible other factors such as the effect of the practitioner on the test subject and possible outcomes.

One of the most wide reaching effects of Quantum-Touch is a reduction of the inflammatory response. Considering that most illness is either a result of, or accompanied with, inflammation, the reduction therefore of is our best defense against disease.

In regards to exercise, Quantum-Touch provides a two-fold positive effect.  It reduces inflammation in the muscle speeding recovery while simultaneously assisting in the healing of muscle, nerve and tissue damage incurred through training.

Read the letter below to see remarkable results Quantum-Touh obtained during a University study on the effects of inflammation due to injury. Energy work actually allowed school basketball players rejoin their games after suffering severe sprains and other injuries that would have normally prevented them from continuing.

letter from UCSC Men's Basketball Coach Duane Garner

Bringing Energy Consciousness to the World

It is our mission to bring the awareness of energy through the practice of Quantum-Touch to the entire world.  Please assist us, if you wish, by living the lifestyle of the energy aware human being.  Take a bit of time and explore your own healing talents.  There is no gift more perfect and essential than giving to another your love through Quantum-Touch. Show your self some love and try our new video combining fitness and energy through Energetic Evolution and Kung Yoga.  We must first love ourselves and know ourselves through movement before we can fully develop our ability to give and receive love.  This path will only lead to increased love, health and abundance of spirit.  This is a path of the heart.  May the blessings be.


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