Mini-Miracle at the Office

by Huang Bingjie

Certified QT Practitioner, Singapore

I’ve just witnessed a mini-QT-miracle at the office, after doing a short 15 min-QT session on my colleague. She’s got quite a seriously misaligned back, with a distinctively bigger bulge @ her right shoulder blade.

Day 1 Session:

Notice that in the Before photo, her right shoulder blade was tilted to towards her spine. The After photo show her shoulder blade straightened significantly.

Day 4 Session:

Energy Healing for Misaligned Back

The photo at the right shows her back after the 4th QT session. Do you see her right shoulder blade looking more normal? And it seems that the spine is slightly straightened too!

After Session 8

Do you see the difference? Her right shoulder blade is protruding a lot more in the left photo than in the right photo. She even told me that her cervical spine has straightened out after her QT session yesterday. It is highly possible that in time with more QT, her back might be absolutely even!

Session 1-4 was done using basic QT skills, and session 4 onwards was done using Supercharging techniques, starting with the 12 Color Meditation.

Here's her testimonial on the sessions:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bingz for sharing Quantum-Touch (QT) with me. I got to know QT through my colleague Bingz. She has been giving healing for my scoliosis and protruded right shoulder blade. It’s really amazing even she is surprised of what had happened. In the healing session, I can feel the stream of heat on my back and a sparkling twinkling feeling on my shoulder. After 15 min later both of us noticed my right shoulder blade shifted back slightly and my aching and tight shoulders got loosened up. After a few sessions, I’m getting slightly better and better, with less pain and my right shoulder blade is getting more aligned. I’m really amazed therefore I hope all people would really give it a try rather than hesitate and ask themselves 'is it true?' Just go ahead and try, you will never know what will happen…”

Doreen Low

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