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Beverly Edelstein is a graduate of Bar Ilan University and holds a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry. Pursuing her lifelong passion for combining traditional scientific method with alternative healing to improve quality of life and clarity of thought for her clients, Ms. Edelstein became a certified reflexologist and later a certified practitioner of Quantum Touch.

Enthused with the results of QT, a powerful energy healing and vibrational medicine approach, she decided to delve into energy medicine even further.  She has also studied several other energy modalities which target the underlying issues that manifest as a person's physical, emotional and mental challenges.  

Ms. Edelstein maintains a strong belief that good health and the healing process are divine gifts and that practitioners are conduits for the blessings bestowed from Above.  In that vein, she daily devotes herself to spiritual growth through the wisdom of the Torah. 

  “As a reflexologist I have seen remarkable improvement in my clients' health,” Ms. Edelstein relates. “When taken a step further and reflexology is combined with Quantum Touch, the results have been astoundingly more rapid”. 

She further states that after years of experiencing the deep and extremely rapid healing power of quantum touch as a stand-alone healing modality for her clients she believes that there is no comparison.

Today she uses a blend of her years of study, experience and spirituality in helping others. 

Beverly enjoys working with children and is a dedicated volunteer, supporting the efforts of various organizations that treat victims of terror and their families as well as mothers of seriously ill children.

Languages - English and Hebrew

Long distance sessions can be scheduled as an alternative to visits at her clinic, where she accepts women and children only.

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