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Bernard Miu

Certified QT Practitioner & Instructor


Pokfulam Southern
Hong Kong

Contact Information


852 9469 3030


[email protected]



My personal journey in energy healing has its beginning more than 40 years ago when I asked my father to teach me Tai Chi Chuan – a gentle exercise to channel qi (universal life force energy) through the body for health and balance.  Over the years, I have explored the many benefits of qigong and meditation.   After a 30-year career in business with a multinational corporation where left brain logics ruled, my curiosity and urge to learn more about holistic healing remained intact.   After retirement, I came across QT in 2005 when searching for an alternative approach to help heal a pain condition of a relative. I was impressed by the simplicity, effectiveness and elegance of the work.  My wife Peggy and I were soon emerged in the magical world of Quantum-Touch and became instructors in 2009. 

QT was initially a “first-aid” for me to deal with life’s minor issues like sprains, contusions and inflammation.  QT is fast and effective.  I now use it for all health challenges for myself and others – through local or distant healing.  I enjoy running QT Level I workshop and I derive great satisfaction from guiding others to learn QT which in my view is the most comprehensive yet easy-to-learn energy healing foundation program in the market.  When QT participants were asked at the end of the first 3-hour session in a workshop if they felt any change/improvement in their physical conditions/symptoms, practically everyone raised his/her hand.  This is what motivates me.  The world will be a better place when more people come to know about, practice and benefit from Richard Gordon’s work.



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