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Lori Ann Reber

Quantum Touch Practitioner, CMT, CNHP, Health Business Owner


Living Wellness

United States

Contact Information


(620) 454-5421


[email protected]



Welcome to Living Wellness, where I believe in achieving optimal health through natural means. I am a certified natural health professional and am committed to providing each client with personalized attention and care, working with you to meet your unique healthcare needs. I focus on promoting harmony and balance through a range of modalities, including energy therapy, reflexology, and mind-body connection work. My goal is to empower clients with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve an optimal level of health and wellbeing.

Contact  me today to start your journey towards optimal health. 

"After just ONE session with Lori, my husband is standing straighter. A few years ago he began to experience pain in his lower back. This caused him to change the way he walks in an effort to minimize the pain and keep the need for chemical pain killers to a minimum. Before seeing Lori, he was virtually pain free but had been shifting his weight to one side for so long that he'd been having a hard time shifting back into a neutral position. Just ONE visit with Lori and he is standing taller AND straighter."    Angela T. – Kansas

"Lori Ann runs energy on me while she gives me a massage. I practice energy healing myself and I can feel her energy with the colors I see and the relaxation I get from it. She speaks to my heart with hers and I am grateful for her and the life long bond we will always have because of QT."   Kirby R. – Kansas

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