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Angela Shelby

Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Life Coach, Dream Interpretation


Enlightened Energy Works LLC

Arizona, 85326
United States

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[email protected]

When I was in third grade I pulled my teacher, Sister Mary Ruth, out into the hall in the middle of class to let her know I could tell she was upset and ask her if there was anything I could do.  I have been a healing facilitator since I was a kid.  That calling has led me to become a nurse.  Working in western healthcare for the last 13 years has shown me its strengths and weaknesses.  The weaknesses sent me on a hunt to find a better way to fill the gaps in our current health system.  Thus energy healing and quantum physics entered my life.  In my search for knowledge I have learned that our bodies reflect what we think and feel.  Our thoughts, feelings, and intentions echo through us and affect us down to a molecular level.  Our bodies, being the exceptional, vibrational, power houses that they are, store and are shaped by that information for good or for ill.  I found that as I practiced Quantum Touch on my clients, often their bodies start to tell me their stories.  The information received seems to relate to the healing that is being experienced in that moment.  If desired, I share that information with my clients and can help them understand and process that information.

Quantum Touch creates a vibrational resonance and energy that promotes the body to correct itself.  Like giving a plant the perfect soil, temperature, and water to grow, Quantum Touch gives the body a safe, nurturing, high energy environment to heal in.  Light touch or sometimes no touch are involved.  Since energy doesn't know the limitations of space and time, long distance healing works quite well.  In fact, most of my clients prefer distance healing because they don't have to leave the comfort of their own home.  My experience of Quantum Touch has shown it to be an effective, enjoyable, and enlightening way for the body to balance itself physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically.  I have watched hips, joints, and bones realign themselves under my hands.  My clients often tell me they experience a greater sense of peace, lightness, wellbeing, hope, clarity, relief from pain, shortened healing time, and personal knowledge.  I have experience working on adults, children, and animals, including large livestock.  My office is in Buckeye, AZ.

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