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Cathy Marshall

Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner & Level 1 Instructor, Educator, PJ/IntSr and INHC™️ Coach


Quantum Wellness with Cathy


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I am a
and my goal is to work together to
empower you to live a life you LOVE
with joy, ease and grace.  


I have been on a focused path of Lifeforce/Energy Work over the past 25 years. I am also an artist and was an educator in the elementary school system in Ontario for 17 years. I have worked with several healers and experienced many different modalities such as Lifeforce-Energy, Reflexology, Angel Guides, Personal Coaching and Quantum Touch, to name a few. I am more than happy to work with all age groups and life challenges. When working with children or a low or non-verbal person I request that a parent/guardian or family member is also involved in the session. Sessions are available in person, in to those in the Kingston, Ontario area or we can connect using Zoom or by phone. Contact me using the link above to a scheduling website, send me an email or call me at the number above.  All initial consulations are free. We can schedule an initial consultation at a time that suits us both, above and beyond the times listed on the scheduling website. ALL sessions are scheudled using Eastern Standard Time, EST. 

                                           ~ Cathy Marshall, B.F.A., B.Ed




If you are not a believer in the Quantum and healing from a distance it is time to change your way of thinking. As Cathy lives in Ontario, and I live in Florida I was a little dubious about her affecting me from Canada. My 30-minute session was a lesson that I was seriously mistaken about this working.  As I laid down, she found and worked on a block in my belly/3rd chakra area and within 5 minutes I felt sick and uncomfortable as this block was being unwound.  She assured me that this would go away after it was cleared, and it did. I did say to the universe prior, to sock it to me, and it did! This definitely works and I feel great! 

 Thanks!  Al, Florida, U.S.A.


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Quantum-Touch therapy session but I was open to whatever the Universe was going to do through Cathy’s beautiful soul. She prepared our session by having me write some things I wanted to focus on in my journey. We talked for a while during a Zoom meeting and the rest was a wonderful energetic experience that I’m so grateful for.  Although we knew each other we had never met in person. But that doesn’t matter when you are dealing with energy. Cathy’s beautiful gift of this very potent energy has helped me to clear some dense energy and to have reassurance that I have cleared things. She has so many powerful gifts and this is one of them! Thank you sister for your love, light and your gifts. You are an amazing woman ❤️

-Maryann, Upstate New York


 INTERESTED IN A LEVEL 1 WORKSHOP WITH ME? Use this link to go to my list of workshops: https://quantumtouch.com/en/instructors/level-1/instructor-4443#events-container


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