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Cathy Marshall



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I desire to empower and inspire clients who feel their life is overwhelming or a struggle, so they can choose the life they want to live, with ease and grace.  


I have been on a focused path of Lifeforce/Energy Work over the past 25 years. I am also an artist and was an educator in the elementary school system in Ontario for 17years. I have worked with several healers and experienced many different modalities such as Lifeforce-Energy, Reflexology, Angel Guides, Personal Coaching and Quantum Touch. I am more than happy to work with all age groups and life challenges. When working with children or a low or non-verbal person I request that a parent/guardian or family member is also involved in the session. At present, all sessions are completed using Zoom or by phone. Contact me via email and we can schedule a session or initial consultation.



If you are not a believer in the Quantum and healing from a distance it is time to change your way of thinking. As Cathy lives in Ontario, and I live in Florida I was a little dubious about her affecting me from Canada. My 30-minute session was a lesson that I was seriously mistaken about this working.  As I laid down, she found and worked on a block in my belly/3rd chakra area and within 5 minutes I felt sick and uncomfortable as this block was being unwound.  She assured me that this would go away after it was cleared, and it did. I did say to the universe prior, to sock it to me, and it did! This definitely works and I feel great! 

 Thanks!  Al



I had a quantum Touch session with Cathy for 20 minutes. I had a serious shoulder injury and was in lots of pain.  I fell asleep immediately after the session and woke up feeling much less pain and had more shoulder mobility.

Cathy has that magic touch. Her high levels of intuition make her a profound healing facilitator. 

Marilyn Picard,

Fitness and Qigong Instructor

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